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YouTube is the most popular video streaming website in history– almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. Whether you’re making ads or promo videos for a product or service, have your own channel with thousands of followers, or want to share your video portfolio with the masses, YouTube is the place to have your content seen and heard around the globe. Though it was initially the Wild West when it came to audio copyrights, YouTube has since restricted the use of unauthorized copyrighted music. If you don’t follow their legal guidelines, your project will get flagged with a claim, which will prevent you from sharing it with your audience. This makes music licensing for YouTube videos important; violate the copyright rules three times, and your channel will be removed.


Read on as the experts at Universal Production Music describe how to get rid of copyright claims and avoid them in the first place.

How to Get Rid of a Copyright Claim on YouTube

Maybe there’s a TV on in the background playing copyrighted audio that gets picked up by your mic, or perhaps you misunderstood YouTube’s policies. No worries, you no longer have to take your full video down and fix the problem manually. YouTube now offers a tool called “assisted trim” that allows you to cut out the offending section of the video, mute the audio, or replace the copyrighted audio with audio you have owned or properly licensed. It also provides information on the party that filed the claim and the actions you need to take to resolve it. All this helps make sense of what can be a confusing situation– and makes remedying it easier than ever before.

How to Use Copyrighted Music on YouTube Legally

Like anything else, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best mode of operation is to avoid copyright claims in the first place. When you use audio that you have written and recorded or license music from a reputable source, you won’t have to worry about copyright claims derailing your project’s timeline. Since most video producers don’t have an in-house music department or access to high-quality recording studios, it’s common to license audio from companies like Universal Production Music. Once you have your music license you simply send us the URL of the video you uploaded, and we make sure YouTube doesn’t flag your video. It’s that simple!

Work With an Experienced Partner

Universal Production Music has been supplying the film, TV, radio, podcast, web content, news, and advertising industries with pro-quality licensed audio for over four decades. We have a large library that includes archival recordings and new red-hot tracks that will take your project to the next level. We also offer guidance about how to choose the right music for YouTube videos and a range of licensing deals that will work with your individual needs and budget. When you upload to YouTube, the world is your audience, as long as you check the legal boxes and make sure you’re abiding by their rules. With help from the pros, audio copyright issues will be a thing of the past.