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Celebrating a Hundred Years of Radio

Call for Papers –   Journal of Radio & Audio Media Symposium

To celebrate a hundred years of radio broadcasting, the Journal of Radio & Audio Media will be publishing a special symposium issue on the last century of radio.

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New Executive Committee Elected at BEA's Fall Board Meeting

Congratulations to the newly elected executive committee of the BEA Board of Directors. The following individuals will start their terms at the end of BEA’s annual convention.

President – Vic Costello, Elon University
Vice President for Academic Research – Stacey Irwin, Millersville University of PA
Vice President for Industry Relations – Christine H. Merritt, Ohio Association of Broadcasters
Secretary-Treasurer – Kim Fox, American University in Cairo

November President's Corner

BEA is such a great organization for faculty and students in media and communication fields doing creative work, but also for those doing research. My experience has been that BEA features good researchers presenting good research year after year. At the same time, in contrast to all other academic associations in our field, BEA highlights and recognizes the creative scholarship of media content writers, creators and producers, particularly through the BEA Festival. No other organization supports creative scholarship the way BEA does.

The scholarly research side is on my mind though because of the recent BEA On Location at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and the recent, and first ever, BEA Latin America. Both ‘mini BEA conferences’ featured great research. On Location of course also included lots of quality creative work. Read More…


On the research side, one session I attended in Boulder featured, for example, a Ph.D. student doing an impressive presentation based on her dissertation, along with an Assistant Professor applying sound theory to an evaluation of social media content. Overall the quality of this one session was reflected in each other session I attended—great, relevant research in a friendly academic environment.

BEA Festival of Media Arts -- Now Accepting Entries


BEA’s international digital media and broadcast competition for faculty and students last year awarded 295 entries from over 300 participating schools and over 1,500 annual entries from around the world. Learn More…

Meet Dr. Patricia Moy, Chair of BEA's 2020 Research Symposium, “Political Communication, Culture, and Society.”

Dr. Patricia Moy, an esteemed scholar of political communication at the University of Washington, will be taking the lead on BEA’s 2020 Research Symposium, “Political Communication, Culture, and Society.”

“Many people tend to associate political communication with elections, voting, and institutions. But the concept infuses all corners of society – think political with a lower-case p. Many ostensibly nonpolitical issues and phenomena — science, entertainment content, race, gender, to name a few – intersect with politics in very meaningful ways,” Dr. Moy added. “I hope the research symposium attracts scholars who will show how political communication, culture, and society influence each other.” Read More…

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