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BEA2021 Session Videos Posted

Broadcasting in (De)Colonial Settings -- Call for Papers – Journal of Radio & Audio Media Symposium

Deadline: October 1, 2021

The emergence of radio introduced profound changes in public communication, changing patterns of information dissemination at local, national and international levels. In the case of the Imperial nations this role was extended overseas with radio becoming the most important medium for uniting the home countries with the expats living in the far reaches of the empires, though not unproblematically. Read More…

Congratulations to the of 2020 Journal of Radio & Audio Media’s “Outstanding Articles of the Year”

This past year, we were pleased to award two articles with the distinction of  2020 Journal of Radio & Audio Medias“Outstanding Articles of the Year.”  A Curriculum for Blackness: Podcasts as Discursive Cultural Guides, 2010-2020 by Kim Fox, American University in Cairo; David Dowling, University of Iowa; and Kyle Miller, University of South Dakota and Fifty Years of Resistance and Representation: A Historical Account of Australian Community Radio, written by co-authors Heather Anderson, Griffith University; Bridget Backhaus, Griffith University and community radio broadcasters Juliet Fox and Charlotte Bedford are the 2020 Outstanding JRAM Article recipients. Our authors presented their award winning research at our spring convention.  In case you missed it please feel free to watch their presentation by visiting the BEA2021 virtual platformClick here for the full release.


President’s Corner -- Vic Costello, June 2021

I experienced two events last week, that while seemingly small in the big scheme of things, brought great joy and a sense of optimism for the year ahead—a future that looks much brighter than last year by all present indicators (at least in my little portion of the globe)!
First, my university broke the news that beginning last Wednesday, faculty, staff, and students who are fully vaccinated and feel comfortable doing so, can now remove their face coverings while indoors. Yippee! I experienced a mix of extreme jubilation and liberation as I took my first mask-free stroll through our hallowed academic halls since March 2020. While I still don’t know what remnants of COVID-19 mitigation measures will be enacted next fall, I viewed this as a welcome step back to normalcy and it felt good. Read More…


The 2021 BEA Textbook Award has been awarded to Andrew C. Billings and Scott Parrott (Editors) for Media Stereotypes: From Ageism to Xenophobia (Peter Lang, 2020).

Media Stereotypes: From Ageism to Xenophobia contributes to the field of broadcasting and mass communication by bringing together top scholars in the field of mass communication and stereotyping to overview how mass media represent race, gender, age, mental health, immigration, and other important social identities. The table of contents includes a veritable “all-star team” of media stereotyping researchers. Instead of simply focusing on the past, these researchers chart directions for future research and explore ways in which mass media may be used to reach positive outcomes. Read More…

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