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Collegiate Media Chapters help assist and guide students by providing networking opportunities and promoting collaborative projects and discussions. 

Having a Collegiate Media Chapter on your campus enhances your classroom experience by giving you access to leadership opportunities, professional development, and industry news. You become part of a national network of media students, educators, and professionals. Chapters assist and guide students by providing networking opportunities and promoting collaborative projects and discussions.


  • Receive recognition through Chapter of the Year Award
  • Assistance in connecting to industry professionals
  • Two “48-Hour” competitions held each year – A film competition each fall and an audio short doc competition each spring
  • Orientation at BEA’s annual convention – including special sessions & events
  • Bi-annual newsletters that include internships, scholarships, media jobs, career fairs, grad school programs
  • Priority acceptance to the RAB Student Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Collegiate Media Chapter

If you are interested in starting a Chapter, review the guidelines below and the charter application form (Word or PDF) to see if your school is eligible. Contact BEA Staff if you have questions.

  • School Requirements – To be eligible, your school must be a current BEA Institutional member.
  • Students – Find 6 or more students who will join your new Chapter. A minimum of 4 of the students must be at or below the junior level.
  • Faculty Advisor – Every Chapter must have a Faculty Advisor. The Advisor must be faculty or staff at the applying school in the field of media.
  • Constitution – You must agree to Collegiate Media Chapter Constitution.
  • Before you Apply – Please have both Faculty Advisor and chapter President either be BEA members or have a record in our database.
Submitting an Application

To apply, schools must fill out an application through BEA’s membership database.
An application can only be filled out by either a Chapter president or a faculty advisor.

Chapter application can be found Here…

Chapter Activation Process
  1. Fill out an application online
  2. BEA Staff will create a chapter profile in BEA’s Database and assign Faculty Advisor and Chapter President as main contacts.
  3. BEA Staff will email the chapter’s main contacts that the profile is complete
  4. Chapter’s Main contacts will add the chapter roster to their online profile once all local requirements are met (e.g. Local Dues, or Service requirements)
Are Chapters Really Free?

BEA does not charge any additional fees to Institutional Members for Collegiate Media Chapters. Chapters may charge membership fees to help cover and defray costs at the local level. Local chapters keep 100% of fees and fundraising efforts they make.

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