Are you ready to set BEA on fire with your innovative teaching ideas?

Entry Deadline: Monday, February 9, 2024

Accepted entrants will be notified by February 15th.

BEA Ignite @ BEA2024

We’re seeking your most innovative teaching ideas.  As part of this quest (and back by popular demand) we present “BEA Ignite” – where you can share your best classroom project/exercise/ideas.  Following the traditional “ignite” format, presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides to share their passionate teaching idea.  The ten best “ignite” ideas will be selected to make their presentations “live” during a BEA2024 session.

BEA Ignite Examples

  • Using new technology in your teaching (AI, VR, 360 video, etc.)
  • Ice breaker for the first day of class
  • How to make class groups effective
  • How to teach stand-ups
  • Feedback methods for students
  • Peer to peer grading
  • Ways to make team teaching work
  • Grading made simple

Slide format can be either Mac based or PC using Prezi, Keynote or Powerpoint, BUT the slides MUST be emailed in advance and are strictly limited to 5 minutes.

It’s Simple to Enter

  1. Name
  2. School
  3. Email
  4. Ignite Title
  5. Summarize your topic in two sentences or less!
  6. Upload Slides

Click here to submit.

Email with questions. 

To view past Ignite presentations visit

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