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BEA Past Presidents | BEA - The Broadcast Education Association
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Thank you to all of our BEA presidents for your years of service.

2018-19 Greg Luft, Colorado State University

2017-18 Michael Bruce, University of Alabama

2016-17 Augie Grant, University of South Carolina

2015-16 John Allen Hendricks, Stephen F. Austin University

2014-15 Barry D. Umansky, Ball State University

2013-14 Mary C. Schaffer, California State University – Northridge

2012-13 Greg Newton, Ohio University

2011-12 Sam Sauls, University of North Texas

2010-11 Max Utsler, University of Kansas

2009-10 Glenda Williams, University of Alabama

2008-09 Mark Tolstedt, University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point

2007-08 Tom Berg, Middle Tennessee State University

2006-07 David Byland, Oklahoma Baptist University

2005-06 Joe Misiewicz, Ball State University

2004-05 Steven D. Anderson, James Madison University

2003-04 Alan Albarran, University of North Texas

2002-03 Larry Patrick, Patrick Communications

2001-02 Jannette Dates, Howard University

2000-01 Suzanne Williams-Rautiola, Trinity University

1999-00 Don Godfrey, Arizona State University

1998-99 Norm Medoff, Northern Arizona University

1997-98 Roger Hadley, Oklahoma Baptist University

1996-97 Norman Pattiz, Westwood One, Inc.

1995-96 Joe Foote, Southern Illinois University

1994-95 Lynne Gross, California State University, Fullerton

1993-94 James Smith, SUNY-New Paltz

1992-93 J. William Poole, WFLS, Fredericksburg, VA

1991-92 Raymond Carroll, University of Alabama

1990-91 Gerald N. Holley, Stauffer Communications

1989-90 Lawrence Lichty, Northwestern University

1988-89 Stan McKenzie, KWED, Seguin, Texas

1986-88 Christopher Sterling, George Washington University

1985-86 Charles Sherman, WHOI-TV, Peoria, IL

1984-85 Robert Smith, Temple University

1983-84 Peter Orne, WTNH-TV, New Haven, CT

1982-83 Donald Kirkley, University of Maryland

1980-82 Clint Formby, KPAN-AM-FM, Hereford, TX

1978-80 Pat Cranston, University of Washington

1976-77 Wallace Dunlap, Westinghouse/Group W

1975-76 Roderick Rightmire, Ohio University

1973-75 Clark Pollock, Nationwide Communications

1971-73 John Pennybacker, Louisiana State University

1970-71 Thomas Bolger, WMTV, Madison, Wisconsin

1969-70 Marianne Campbell, NBC

1968-69 Arthur Hungerford, Pennsylvania State University

1966-68 Roy Morgan, WILK, Wilkes-Barre, PA

1964-66 Hugh Cordier, University of Iowa

1963-64 Earl Dougherty, KXEO, Mexico, MO

1962-63 Harold Niven, University of Washington

1960-62 Bruce Linton, University of Kansas

1958-60 Glenn Starlin, University of Oregon

1957-58 Kenneth Harwood, University of Southern California

1955-57 Sydney Head, University of Miami