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BEA publishes two print journals, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (JOBEM) which is quarterly, and Journal of Radio & Audio Media (JRAM) which is bi-annual. Both Journals are peer-reviewed and among the top in their discipline. Along with JOBEM and JRAM, BEA also produces the Journal of Media Education (JoME), an online peer-reviewed journal that comes out quarterly. JoME is BEA’s principal forum for articles on pedagogy pertinent to the various media, industry analysis, responsive essays, reviews of books and other instructional materials, and reports on research and other work that may not fit the editorial objectives of traditional scholarly publications. For more information on these journals and more please click on their respective links below.  For information on BEA’s Publications Committee Policies – Bylaws, please click here.


JOBEM – The Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

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JRAM – Journal of Radio & Audio Media

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JoME – Journal of Media Education

  • The Journal of Media Education is a peer-reviewed pedagogical journal published electronically four times each year by BEA. Its mission is to provide resources associated with the education and employment of students in various media fields and to promote communication among educators and media professionals.

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Feedback for over 50 years was an electronic journal scheduled for posting six times a year at by the Broadcast Education Association. As an electronic journal, Feedback published (1) articles or essays— especially those of pedagogical value—on any aspect of electronic media: (2) responsive essays—especially industry analysis and those reacting to issues and concerns raised by previous Feedback articles and essays; (3) scholarly papers: (4) reviews of books, video, audio, film and web resources and other instructional materials; and (5) official announcements of the BEA and news from BEA Districts and Interest Divisions. Feedback was editor-reviewed journal.

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