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BEA Student Media Club Competitions



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BEA Film 48: October 22-24, 2021 

#BEAfilm48 — Unleash your creativity for a 48-hour film festival!

BEA Student Media Club members have unending energy, extreme talent and a passion for media.  To test your club’s creativity and resolve, we offer a 48-hour film festival exclusive to BEA Student Media Club members.  Teams sign by October 15 and the competition kicks off at noon (your local time) on Friday, October 22 and concludes at noon (your local time) on Sunday, October 24.  

CLICK HERE to enter your team.


 BEA Audio Stories: Sign up by February 28, 2022

#BEAudioStories — Create compelling audio stories in 48-hours! 

Students have a chance to show off their recording talents and storytelling abilities in this new 48-hour audio story challenge – only available to BEA Student Media Club members.  Club members have until Friday, February 26th to sign up, and the competition takes place March 5-7.  The winning team will be announced at BEA2022.