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BEA Student Media Club Competitions



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BEA Film 48: Coming In Fall 2022

BEA Student Media Club members have unending energy, extreme talent and a passion for media. To test your club’s creativity and resolve, we offer a 48-hour film festival exclusive to BEA Student Media Club members.

Sign ups will become available Fall 2022. 


 BEA Audio Stories: Sign up by February 28, 2022

#BEAudioStories — Create compelling audio stories in 48-hours! 

Students have a chance to show off their recording talents and storytelling abilities in this new 48-hour audio story challenge – only available to BEA Student Media Club members.  Club members have until Friday, February 26th to sign up, and the competition takes place March 4-6.  The winning team will be announced at BEA2022.