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Interest Division Leadership Information

The links below provide general information on being part of the division leadership, as well as instructions and guidelines to follow during peak convention submission and review time.

To see the BEA2019 Dates & Deadlines, click here.

Please click on the “+” to the right of listings below to see more information:

General Information for Interest Division Leadership


For basic guidelines for BEA’s interest division chairs, please click here.


Division Chairs: View & Rank Panels

Step 1 – Login to your All Academic account with your BEA member login and email.  We already set you up as a division chair so proceed to Step 2…

Step 2 – View Submissions
Login and follow the links to “Submission/Division Management” under the Unit Planner Menu.  Click on your division name.  Click on the tabs to view:
Paper Submissions – Any paper that has been submitted to your division
Panel Submissions – Any panel that has been submitted to your division
Participants – Moderators, panelists, or people who submitted papers or program submissions
Reviewers – Paper and Panel reviewers linked to your division (for panels these generally consist of division leadership)
People – The entire pool of people in the entire system

Step 3 – Invite Fellow Reviewers
Division chairs and vice chairs (sometimes all the leadership) review/rank the program panels submitted.  All the chairs and vice chairs have access to the back end.  Please tell Heather Birks if you want to give privileges to additional people.

Step 4 – Rank the Submissions
Do not click the accept or reject buttons next to the session.  Instead please fill out the Division Ranking Form and submit it to the Convention Program Chair (this will be emailed just before 9/15).  They’ll keep you posted on what was accepted into the convention program.  You should hear back by mid-November at the latest.

Step 5 – Notify the Program/Panel Submitters
Once you hear back from the convention chair about panels, please notify everyone who submitted a panel to your division and let them know if their proposal was accepted or rejected.  Encourage them to check the program when it is posted for time and location and to let Traci Bailey know immediately if they have special AV needs.




Paper Chairs: Entire Review Process


We appreciate you being an interest division chair for the #BEAvegas paper competition!  Follow these simple steps to help you with the submission and review process:

Step 1 – Login to your BEA All Academic account with your BEA MEMBER LOGIN AND PASSWORD.  (If you have trouble, email

Step 2 – View Submissions
Login and under the Unit Planner Menu click on the link for “Submission/Division Management”.  Click on the tabs to view:

Paper Submissions – Any paper that has been submitted to your division
Panel Submissions – Any panel that has been submitted to your division
Participants – Moderators, panelists, or people who submitted papers or program submissions
Reviewers – Paper and Panel reviewers linked to your division (for panels these generally consist of division leadership)
People – The entire pool of people in the All Academic system

Step 3 – Invite Reviewers
Invite people to review/judge papers submitted to your Interest Division.  Please tell each reviewer to create an account if they don’t already have one.  You can create your own reviewer pool and link them to you division.

Step 4 – Assign Papers to Reviewers
Once reviewers have been linked to your division, paper competition chairs can assign paper submissions to individual reviewers (see the Creating a Pool of Reviewers of Assigning Reviewers.)

Step 5 – Reviewer Instructions
Send instructions to your paper reviewers so they will know what to do when they get to the site (see Review Instructions).

Step 6 – Review results
To review the results, under the Management section of your division’s page, and click on the menu option called “Completed Reviews Report/Accept or Reject Proposals.”  Scroll to the bottom of that page and lick the Load Records” button to see the results.

Step 7 – Accept, Pending & Reject (If you only pick one STEP to read, make it this one!)
Once the reviews are complete, you’ll be instructed to accept, reject, or leave the papers as pending.
– Press Accept to accept papers that will participate in the Division Paper Competition Session.
– Leave papers as Pending if you plan to include them in the Scholar-to-Scholar poster session.
– Press Reject for those papers that will not be in the paper session or S2S poster session.

Step 8 – Announcing Results
— Notify paper authors with results.
– Fill out a BEA Paper Competition Form (with information about the winning papers) and send it to BEA.  Email if you need a BEA Paper Competition Form.






Paper Chairs: Create a Pool of Reviewers

Step 1 – Locate Reviewers
From the
All Academic Division “Submission Management Area” (you’ll see this after you login), click the “people” tab below the statistics box.  This is a search engine where you search or browse the name you want to add to your reviewer pool. (If they aren’t in the system, ask them to Create a New Account – you’ll see this in the “Login Instructions” box.)

Step 2 – Add Reviewers
Once you find the name you are looking for, you’ll see an “add reviewer” link to the right of the name in the action column. Click this to add the person to the reviewer pool and at the bottom of the page “Update Selected People.”  This means you successfully added them to your pool – and they will show up under the Reviewers tab.

Step 3 – Add Multiple Reviewers at once
If you would like to add multiple accounts to your reviewer pool, click on the small boxes to the left of each name. Click on as many of these boxes you wish (until you see a check mark) OR you can click the very first box at the top of the list to highlight them all. Now, scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the drop down menu. Click the down arrow and choose the option that says, “Checked Item::Add Reviewer.” Now click the “Update selected people” box. This will add all of your selected people to the reviewer pool.

Step 4 – View Reviewers
To see your list of people who have been added to the reviewer pool, scroll to the tabs below the statistics box and click on the tab, “reviewers.” All of these names will now be made available to you to assign to each paper.

 Step 5 – Email with any questions about the process.




Paper Chairs: Assigning Reviews


Login to All Academic

Step 1 – Assign Reviewers
View the papers by clicking on the Paper Submissions tab – located under the “Statistics” box.  To assign reviewers to each paper, click the “Assign Reviewers” link in the action column on the far right of the page.

Step 2 – Link Reviewers (Link them to particular papers)
Scroll down to see the list of all of the reviewers you have assigned to your pool. Find the name(s) you want to add and click the “Assign Reviewer” link next to their name. You can also use the bulk action option (as you did before when creating your reviewer pool) to add multiple names as once.

Step 3 – Accept and Continue
When the page refreshes, you should see your reviewers listed under the “Individual Submission – Assigned Reviewer(s)” section. If everything looks correct, click the “Update Selected People” button to the lower right of the last name on the list. This will save your selected reviewers to this proposal.  Now you will return to the submission management page so you can assign viewers to another paper.

Step 4 – Send Instructions to Reviewers
We have their instructions on our website.  Simply send them an email with the link to their instructions (see below menu item).  As always, you can send an email to with questions.




Paper Reviewers: Review Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to review papers for the #BEAvegas Paper Competition!  Follow these steps to get started on the review process.

Step 1 – Login to All Academic  with your BEA MEMBERSHIP username and password, and you’ll automatically be directed to the Main Menu. Click on the “Review” link located under the “Reviewer Menu.”

Step 2 – Choose your Interest Division or Competition
Click on the name of the division/competition you are reviewing papers for (if you are a reviewer for more than one division or competition you will see those divisions listed) and you’ll come to a screen with your review.

Step 3 – To Start: Click Pending
At the bottom of the page you’ll see a section called “Paper Submissions” – with three choices: All, Pending, Complete.  To review the papers assigned to you, click on the “Pending” link.  To review each paper click on the “Review” link associated with that paper. (As you complete each paper the status will change to “Complete.”)

Step 4 – Review your Papers
When you click “Review” you’ll see the title, abstract, link to download the paper and the review criteria.  Follow the instructions and move on the next paper, if you are lucky enough to have more than just one…

Step 5 – Problems?  Hopefully no problems, but just in case, email