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Scholarship applications are due by 11:59 pm local time on Friday, October 13th. 

Please see the steps below to make sure your application is complete.

Before you begin the application you must create a profile with BEA.  All full-time undergraduate students attending BEA institutional member campuses receive complimentary membership.  If you need a complimentary code, please see your faculty advisor or email to receive the complimentary code.  If you are applying as a graduate student, please email to see if your school has graduate membership included in their membership package. BEA membership carries substantial benefits but is NOT required to apply for a BEA scholarship.


1.  Application
Please make sure that you have answered all questions, check the box of each scholarship for which you are applying, have read all the information.

2.  College transcripts
All transcripts must be submitted through the online application portal. If you have attended more than one school, please upload a transcript from each institution.  (If work at a previous school is included in your present transcript that will suffice IF all courses taken, the individual credit hours, and specific grades are given.)  Unofficial student copies of transcripts are acceptable if they are legible and if your name appears on them. (Some online transcripts lack the student name and are  not acceptable.)  Transcripts must include individual courses and grades earned in each as well as cumulative GPA.

3.  Reference Letters
Obtain TWO letters of recommendation.  Upload copies of these letters with your application.  At least one letter must be written by an electronic media professor and the other may be from either a professor or an industry professional.  Both must be submitted on the reference’s letterhead through the online application portal.

4.  Library of American Broadcasting Scholarship
If you are applying for the LAB scholarship you MUST upload a copy of your thesis or dissertation proposal abstract.

Criteria For Selection:
The applicant should be able to show substantial evidence of superior academic performance and potential to become an outstanding electronic media professional.  There should be compelling evidence that the applicant possesses high integrity and a well-articulated sense of personal and professional responsibility.

Application Procedures:
The application MUST be complete by the October 14th deadline, to be considered.  Save the confirmation email for your files.  Remember to agree to our Terms and Conditions on the application, otherwise it will be disqualified.   The application asks for personal and academic data and transcripts, media and other experience, a written statement of goals, and supportive statements from two references, at least one of which must be an electronic media faculty member.  Both must be submitted on the reference’s letterhead.  Scholarships will be awarded for full-time degree work FOR THE FULL ACADEMIC YEAR.  One semester grants are NOT provided.  Scholarships must be used exclusively for tuition, student fees, university bookstore course purchases, dormitory and related items eligible to be charged to a student’s official campus account.  Current scholarship holders are not eligible to reapply in the year following their award.

All scholarships must be applied to study at a campus where at least one department is a BEA institutional member.  Go to our directory to check if the school (where the scholarship would be applied) is an institutional member.


  • Completed Application Form
  • Transcript(s) from all collegiate institutions
  • TWO Letters of Recommendation
  • Thesis or dissertation proposal abstract (If applying for the LAB Scholarship)

DO NOT include resumes, photos, etc.  Only upload materials that are requested.  No other materials will be considered by the Scholarship Committee.  Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

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