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Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Division

The Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Division’s mission is to keep members informed about the latest advances in communication technology including hardware, teaching and research. Their goals are to address needs of BEA members in teaching courses dealing with Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies; to help us prepare our graduates and ourselves for changes in the media landscape; to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of theory and research on emerging communication technologies; and to keep members of the organization informed about changes in communication technology and how those changes will affect broadcast education.


Division Bylaws | Division Facebook Page

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Lakshmi Tirumala
Drake University

Vice Chair:
Danielle Deavours
Stamford University

Communication Chair:
JC Barone
Western Connecticut State University

IMET Festival Leadership
Faculty IMET Chair: Ed Youngblood
Auburn University

Student IMET Chair:
Todd O’Neill
Middle Tennessee State University

Student IMET Vice-Chair: 
Robin Haislett
Weber State University 


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