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Application Deadline: February 28, 2020

For over 60 years, the Broadcast Education Association has been an association of university professors and industry professionals who teach and prepare students for professions in broadcasting and related emerging technologies.

BEA seeks applicants for the next Convention Program Chair.  The chair will be selected in April 2020.  The 3-year term as chair is from May 2020 through April 2023, and covers the following conventions: BEA2021, BEA2022 and BEA2023.   The incoming chair will begin working with the previous chair, executive director and staff in May 2020 to learn the mechanics of the position.  The former and new chairs will work together to accomplish a seamless transition.

Interested applicants should send:

  • a letter expressing their interest in, ability and qualifications to manage, program and produce an academic convention
  • a complete resume identifying previous experience, and
  • a letter from appropriate administration officials (e.g., chair and dean) indicating the level of the institution’s commitment and support for the potential chair.

In addition, the chair should attend BEA’s annual convention pre- and post-convention meetings each April.

BEA underwrites a modest stipend for the chair.

All application materials must be received by BEA Headquarters no later than February 28, 2020.  Applicants should be available for an interview with the executive committee and/or executive director this April during BEA’s convention in Las Vegas.  The executive committee will recommend a candidate to the BEA Board of Directors at their meeting in April 2020.

Potential applicants are encouraged to communicate with the current chair Lisa Pecot-Hébert, or the BEA executive director Heather Birks, .

Please send applications and materials electronically Heather Birks at .

Application Deadline: February 28, 2020

Duties include the following:

  1. Convention Program Chair works with the interest division chairs, BEA Executive Director and Board of Directors in establishing convention deadlines and in setting deadlines for convention operations, to be ready for presentation to the Board of Directors at their Spring board meeting.
  2. The will work with the staff to produce the call for convention panels, demonstrations, workshops and paper competitions.
  3. BEA Interest Division Chairs will review and prioritize and submit top/recommended panels, demonstrations, workshops, to present to the Convention Program Chair
  4. Convention Program Chair reviews submissions, coordinates with BEA Interest Division Chairs who submitted recommendations, and creates proposed convention program in consultation with BEA Staff, Interest Division Chairs and the Interest Division Representative.
  5. Convention Program Chair also coordinates with the Executive Director to determine the number of convention session rooms available and dates and times of room availability in the planning of the convention program.
  6. Convention Program Chair presents proposed convention program to BEA Board of Directors for approval at October/November Board of Directors meeting.
  7. Convention Program Chair works with the executive director and makes any changes as directed by BEA Board of Directors and sends approved program to all BEA Interest Division Chairs for review and appropriate clarification regarding selection.
  8. A “draft” convention program will be posted in January after the Convention Program Chair and executive director has reviewed program with all BEA Interest Division Chairs and has answered any questions.
  9. Convention Program Chair coordinates additions and changes with BEA Executive Director and BEA Interest Division Chairs.