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My name is Kim Zarkin and I am honored to be nominated to represent District 6 for a second term on the BEA Board.

I’m a Professor and Chair of the Communication and Arts Administration programs at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. I teach a number of media-focused (and ampersand-heavy) classes, including Media & Society, Communication Law & Ethics, and Race, Gender, Class & the Media. I also run our senior Portfolio Workshop.

What I intend to do as a Board Member in a second term
I will continue to listen to the District 6 membership and represent your positions to the Board.

I will continue to be a board member who is ready and willing to roll up her sleeves to get things done as well as vehemently disagree when necessary.

I will continue to be a voice for the teaching-focused two- and four-year colleges who’s perspectives and concerns sometimes get swamped by the louder voices of the research-intensive schools.

As the newly appointed Chair of the BEA Diversity & Inclusion committee, I will strive to make Inclusion at the center of everything BEA does.

Snapshot of my involvement in BEA
• Member of BEA since 1997
• Law & Policy leadership, 1999-2004
• Scholar-to-Scholar Chair, 2006
• Conference Chair, 2007
• Paper Judge in five divisions, including L&P, Gender Studies, Research, Student Media and CCA
• Presented at BEA 28 times since 1997