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Dear Colleagues/District 2 Membership:

I am writing to solicit your support for chairperson of BEA District 2. I have been active in and a member of BEA since 2008. BEA has been instrumental in my being able to meet, listen to and learn from leaders in both academic and industry. I have created, moderated and presented on panels and paper submissions at the conference since I joined the organization.

Here are some things I would like to be able to do, if elected to the position:

  • Solicit and listen to ideas from members to continue to make the district stronger.
  • Keep the district abreast of the latest happenings within BEA.
  • Continue to seek membership growth.
  • Make sure the district’s voices are heard, concerns recognized and addressed.
  • Work closely with executive leadership.
  • Encourage participation in either regional or super regional gatherings to provide additional opportunities for academic exhibitions and presentations.
  • Encourage an increase in diversity from within other universities, colleges and schools who may not be involved in the organization.

To give you all a brief insight as to who I am, I am a tenured, Associate Professor at the University of North Alabama. I have been on the faculty for 18 years. Before joining the ranks of academia, I was a professional in the field of news broadcasting and management in commercial radio. I worked as a reporter, anchor and news director for over 17 years. I directed a radio bureau for a public radio network for ten years while teaching. I continue to do voice over work and engage in professional and public speaking. Fortunately, I have been recognized with awards for my professional and academic work. My research interests include radio, digital media, women in leadership and diversity in higher education. I am a member of the Society for Professional Journalists, a past, long-time member of the Alabama Associated Press Board and active on boards on my campus and in my community.

Some personal qualities about me: I am a good listener, passionate about my work, a 100% plus hard worker and know how to lead but work well with people. I am a person with strong ethics, highly reliable and have integrity. Lastly, I love meeting new people and having interesting conversations about how they occupy part of real estate on the planet.

Allow me to work with you over the next two years to see where we can take the district. I believe we have been left in a good place and will work diligently to continue that trajectory and represent us in an honorable fashion. It is with humble anticipation that I look forward to help lead and work alongside the membership of our district. Please, submit your vote for me.

Best regards,

Pat Sanders, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Radio-TV-Interactive Media Communications Department