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It is my goal to connect you with the opportunities that BEA and NAB offers and to open new doors for professional development, publication, and dissemination of quality research in media. Our lives in academia are frenetic. I believe that BEA can help connect us with resources that can help propel our careers while also helping us stay connected with new knowledge necessary to be successful, and I’m ready to help facilitate those connections.

My professional experience in media includes working in public relations, media relations, broadcast production, broadcast management, and Digital Media management. For eighteen years I have served in various capacities in higher education and enjoy making connections between higher education and the rapid changes occurring in media.

Being actively involved in BEA for the past fourteen years has been an invaluable part of my professional development as a researcher and professor of Mass Communication. I am passionate about BEA and what it stands for and am eager to take on this role to represent you and District 2 at the national level.

Here are a few other reasons to cast your vote for me:

  • I will listen to your goals and expectations for BEA to help move the organization in directions that are beneficial for our district.
  • I will be an active and strong voice for you to the board of BEA.
  • I will keep you connected with information and resources from BEA and NAB.
  • I am goal oriented and like to see things through to completion.
  • I am an authority on media education, assessment, and curriculum development.
  • I have successfully served on boards of organizations with similar goals as BEA.
  • I will work to grow District 2 by connecting with non-member schools and academicians.

I ask for your vote and in turn will vigorously represent you and District 2.

Heidi D. Campbell