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Resources for Teaching Media in A Virtual Setting

Recent times have been a whirlwind, with conference cancellations and schools quickly announcing they are moving to completely online classes for the next few weeks (or rest of the semester). We see faculty scrambling for any resources that can help them make this transition to teach media production in a virtual setting. BEA is trying to help. We have reached out to all of our industry partners and are gathering info to disseminate on anything covering video or audio production. We will be constantly updating this page as we get more. 

Thank you to all of our partners, we have one strong community here!

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3/25/20 12:07 pm

Apple Offers 90-day Trials for Pro Apps, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

A note from Apple to BEA Members:

Today, we’re announcing our creative Pro Apps, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, will have free 90-day trials for all customers around the world. We hope customers who are home and looking for something new to master will try out these free trials and start making some awesome new beats with Logic Pro X or create some amazing videos with Final Cut Pro X. Both apps are also great tools for students who may already be using them in school, but don’t have the apps on their home computers.

For a little extra background: Final Cut Pro X has a 30-day trial, which we’re extending to 90 days. A free trial is entirely new to Logic Pro X and we’re thrilled to make that available. The extension to 90 days is for a limited time and will revert to 30 days across both apps in the future.

Final Cut Pro X’s 90-day free trial is available now and Logic Pro X’s will go live in the coming days. Customers can download the free trials on the web pages for Final Cut Pro X ( https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/trial/ ) and Logic Pro X ( https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/ ). We’re also making this available to customers who have already downloaded the free 30-day trial of Final Cut Pro X, that way even more customers can try it out.

Firstcom Music offers FREE tracks for faculty and students for spring semester

  1. In an effort to support the Educational Institutions and BEA members during this COVID -19 Crisis, FirstCom Music would like to offer 3 free tracks to all BEA student members or schools who are listed as BEA members to be used in their classroom projects during the remaining portion of this spring semester. The clearance would cover Digital Media and Non- Broadcast. Students would need utilize their official .edu email address and the School from which they are currently enrolled. The would use the following link below along with the promo code ~ FirstCom _againstCOVID.
    Student Promo Registration
    Promo Code: FirstCom_ againstCOVIDon My Courses.


If you have any questions or require customer service, please email


Red Giant Complete Monthly Option + Now Free for Students & Teachers


Are you a student or teacher/faculty member? We have even better news…there is no longer any need to decide what suite best fits your budget. Instead of having to buy separate suites, you can now own everything we make. As of today Red Giant Complete is FREE if you are a student or faculty member of a university, college, or high school.

How to Get a Free License

  1. School or organization ID or any proof of current employment or enrollment may be used for verification.
  2. Send us your academic verification to .
  3. Wait for approval via email before purchasing.
  4. Once you get approval, head over to the Red Giant Complete Product Page and “BUY” your free version. You will only be able to buy the free version if you have been pre-approved.

For more information on academic verification, head over to THIS PAGE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your free subscription will last 180 days. When that time is over, you will need to re-verify your academic status to renew your free subscription of Red Giant Complete.

Poynter announces free News University courses to help journalism educators and students

The Poynter Institute is pleased to announce that it is dropping tuition for all News University webinars and self-directed courses.

As a service to the journalism education community in this challenging period, Poynter is offering its online catalog free for a limited time to help educators and students affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Schools rely on Poynter and News University for online instruction in journalism, advertising, public relations and other communications classes because of the high-quality, easy-to-use and engaging format.

Below are a few of News University’s most popular classes, which now are being offered for free. (Click here for a complete list of classes that are free for a limited time.)

Poynter Primers — great for your introductory courses

Consider adopting all three primers in the set or pick those that best fit your needs.

More advanced courses

From news editing to public relations, News University is ready with upper-division course resources. 

Signing up is easy

Enroll in self-directed courses and webinars for free through May 31, 2020.

  • Register for a poynter.org account.
  • Use coupon code 20COLLEGE100 at checkout.
  • Visit My Courses to start learning or pick up where you left off.

The Poynter Institute can also connect schools and educators with journalism experts who can provide supplemental training online. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form.

Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us at .


How to register for News University

  1. You must register for a free account: www.poynter.org/register. (If you haven’t logged in since Dec. 31, 2018, please refer to our FAQ.)
  2. Log into your account.  When you are ready to purchase a course, click on the Add to cart or Buy Now button.
  3. A yellow bar indicates the item successfully added to your cart. If you would like to enroll in additional programs, click Continue Shopping.

Otherwise, enter your coupon code and hit the Apply button for it to take effect.  You must enter your Billing details before finalizing your order.

To use the Coupon Code, enter the code 20COLLEGE100 in the space for Coupon Code and hit the Apply button for the discount to take effect. (Please note: The discount does not apply to online group seminars or certificate programs.)

  1. After enrollment, to find the list of your courses, hover on your username at the top right corner for the dropdown box.  Click on My Courses.


If you have any questions or require customer service, please email


Frame.io Launches New Training Series on Remote Workflows

When we look back at 2020, we’ll remember it as the year when everything changed. Phrases like “social distancing” and “shelter-in-place” became part of our daily vocabulary. And working from home became the new normal.

The truth is, a lot of us had already been working from home or, more accurately, working with remote teams in film and video post-production—and in those terms, remote workflows have evolved over time.

We developed Frame.io as a cloud-based video work-sharing platform five years ago—not because we planned for people to be forced to work remotely, but because we wanted to enable the kind of creative partnerships that can happen when things like time zones and distance become irrelevant.

We talk a lot about Frame.io functioning as the connective tissue that connects creators with their content, and we’ve seen the results from our many customers who’ve used Frame.io for every step of the process from concept to delivery.

As you dig into the Frame.io platform, you’ll notice that its functionality goes deep. We’ve optimized it to accommodate all file types and codecs, integrated it with all the major professional NLEs, and provided the kind of industry-leading security that our large studio and broadcast customers require. So, in a way, everything we’ve been doing has uniquely positioned us for this moment.

That’s why today we’re launching a new multi-part video series called “Workflow From Home” that’s specifically designed to help teams who’ve been working in brick-and-mortar facilities quickly transition to a remote workflow.


Adobe Premiere Rush Tutorials

BEA member, Colin Walker, has put together a series of Adobe Premiere Rush tutorials to help faculty and students make a virtual transition. See the videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuHGQmcTSvFn8sk7-xzJJAnVzpWwQr_ev

Thanks Colin!

The Power of Live Video - How to remain relevant in uncertain times

In today’s turbulent times it is imperative that we stay connected. Whether it a church connecting with parishioners, the business owner showing how to use a product, a teacher connecting with their students, fitness instructors teaching a class, the list goes on and on.

For most, live video is a terrifying thing. How do I do it? What does it take? What equipment do I need?

Our Friends at iographer are here to help

How to get better video and audio in online chats

NAB launches BEA Virtual Assistance Plan

The NAB has launched “BEA Virtual Assistance” a program that makes three of their broadcaster webinars FREE for Faculty & Students to help with the virtual transition. (Regularly $99 per webinar)


Current eligible courses

Inside Super Bowl LIV’s 4K Broadcast

Join NAB’s Skip Pizzi for a conversation with FOX’s lead techs at the Super Bowl, as they take a behind-the-scenes look at the biggest live Ultra HD broadcast to date. Dive deep on the planning, equipment, connectivity and execution of the program, including its use of 1080p60, 4K, 8K, HDR/WCG and AR technologies, its innovative use of Skycams, and its high reliance on IP-based production.

Rethinking TV Advertising with ATSC 3.0
The advertising community is becoming aware of the potential of Next Gen TV using the ATSC 3.0 standard. But so far, much of the discussion has been quite high-level. In this fast-paced webcast we begin to dig a little deeper into what broadcasters, ad-tech, marketers and agencies are expecting to see, and how this new paradigm can drive value and revenue growth to the sector.

OTT: Local Media Case Studies
Advancements in over-the-top (OTT) content/distribution continue to present lucrative opportunities for local media companies. In this webcast, we will present multiple case studies and uncover what OTT adopters are currently doing; discuss what strategies are working the best; and reveal where tangible monetization and exponential OTT business growth is occurring.

FCP.co - Remote Working & Learning - A List of Resources to Help with Corona Virus Social Distancing

Working remotely or at home has its positives and negatives. It can be great to start work in the morning as early as you like or cut away into the early hours when you get ‘in a groove.’ But not only does it require the equipment and software to make this possible, it also needs discipline and organisation.

FCP.co have put together a growing list of resources that just might help you through what might be an extended break away from the normal edit bay.

EditShare Flow has made their web-based, remote production and collaboration tool Flow Media Management free through July 1st.

To support remote collaboration across the creative community during this challenging moment in time, EditShare is making its Flow Media Management solution available for free through July 1, 2020.

Free 60 trial of Reaper V6 DAW

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset.

REAPER supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, and can be comprehensively extended, scripted and modified.

If you are working remotely and/or social distancing and would like to use REAPER at home, you can download a temporary REAPER license.

VitalSource has joined leading publishers to help ensure students can continue to access quality digital course materials due to a recent and rapid campus shift to distance-learning.

As leaders in course materials and education technology, we are committed to doing our part to support students, instructors, and postsecondary institutions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand this unprecedented disruption to our nation’s education system requires bold action and collaboration across industry to ensure students still have access to quality learning opportunities.

To assist students at disrupted semester-calendar schools who are losing access to course materials due to Covid-19 campus closures, the companies below agree to offer access to etexts at no charge to students whose classes have moved online from March 16 through May 25, 2020. Students will be able to access the expansive catalog of etexts from participating publishers through the VitalSource Bookshelf app effective immediately.

Click here for a full list of participants

American Psychological Association
Cengage Learning
F.A. Davis Company
Kendall Hunt Publishing
Macmillan Learning
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Oxford University Press
Pearson Education
SAGE Publishing
Taylor & Francis
W. W. Norton
Akademos, Inc.
Barnes & Noble Education
BBA Corp. & Affiliated Entities
Independent College Bookstore Association
National Association of College Stores
Texas Book Company
Tree of Life Bookstores

Avid Provides Temporary Licenses of Creative Tools for Customers Affected by COVID-19

To assist our community in delivering their projects and assignments while working remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Avid is providing temporary licenses of our creative tools to customers at no charge. Starting today, March 16, through Friday, April 17, users who are working from home may obtain 90-day licenses free of charge for Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate and Sibelius | Ultimate. In addition, any student of an institution who uses our products and can no longer attend school and/or access school facilities can receive a 90-day license of the same products. Click on the link below for full details and eligibility.

How to obtain a free temporary license (PDF) >

Moog and Korg make synth apps free to help musicians stuck at home

If you’re a musician (or fan) whose concerts got scrapped over coronavirus concerns, you’ll at least have more tools to produce music when you’re at home. To start, Moog has made its Minimoog Model D iOS synth app available for free. It wasn’t hugely expensive to start, but this could make it easy to recreate the first portable synth and slip some Kraftwerk- or Dr. Dre-inspired sounds into your latest track. Moog didn’t say how long the price change would last, but you might want to act quickly.

Not to be left out, Korg is doing the same for its Kaossilator apps, which normally cost close to $20. Android artists can grab the software for no charge until March 20th, 2020, while the iOS crowd has until March 31st to get iKaossilator. Either app makes the most sense if you’re more into looping audio and variety than strict technical realism, but that may be all you need to add some spice to a future hit.

The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas – focusing on works now fallen into the public domain, the vast commons of out-of-copyright material that everyone is free to enjoy, share, and build upon without restrictions.

30% off Editstock

Editstock is extending a 30% discount to affected schools. We provide editing practice projects that will work in any NLE. Students can download the footage directly from their website.

The offer is extended indefinitely for schools shut down, or forced into online-only education, due to the Coronavirus. Use code 30BST on checkout or schedule a call for details.

For schools that are online-only, they will provide download links that can be shared directly with their students. Check them out if you have the chance at www.editstock.com.

Toon Boom Free 30-day Home License

Toon Boom Animation, the Montreal, Canada-based company behind software used widely in the animation industry, is taking steps to ensure that artists at studios and schools can continue to use its software remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Toon Boom will be providing studios and educational institutions free 30-day home use licenses for their staff, teachers, and students. This is in response to studios and schools which have had to shut down their physical locations due to coronavirus and ask artists to work remote.

The offer is available to active/current Toon Boom users of Harmony and Storyboard Pro, and will be valid from Friday, March 13, to Friday April 17. For more details on how to take advantage of the offer, visit the Toon Boom website.


You guys, I can not sing Apple’s praises enough right now! Their wonderful team has been working many angles ans things for us recently. Below is the link to an article they asked one of their friends, The great Felipe Baez from Hedge, to write explicitly for our educators. This article answers many of the questions I have seen being asked. Thank you APPLE and Hedge!!!

Smart Film School is offering their online courses to schools for free until May 31.

Smart Film School is offering their online courses to schools for free until May 31. 

Smart Film School online courses in video journalism.

These complimentary class licenses for video storytelling instructors and their students and are valid until May 31, 2020.

Learn More

NAB's Coronavirus Response Toolkit

As local radio and television broadcasters navigate the editorial and operations challenges presented by COVID-19, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is providing tools and resources to help stations accurately cover this issue and prepare for the impacts on your staff, community and business.

Top Hat is making their platform free of charge for professors and students who have current, active classes, to complete their semester.

Top Hat can help you complete your semester if…

You need to host a live class remotely

You can ensure your students join the class and still participate in real time with Top Hat. Simulate a live lecture with Zoom and Top Hat.

  • Use Zoom to run your video lecture
  • Use Top Hat to take online attendance
  • Use Top Hat to quiz your class for participation during the lecture

Host a live discussion via Top Hat by presenting a discussion question at a pre-set time

You’ve canceled classes and will deliver content via readings and assignments

Make sure you’re keeping track of students’ progress with auto-graded assessment questions embedded throughout your course content.

  • Guide student learning step-by-step with reading materials, interactive media, and assessment questions you can organize all in one place (using Top Hat’s pages module)
  • Use Loom or video capture software of your choice to embed lecture recordings in students’ learning materials
  • Make your existing lecture slides available for students to review at their own pace

You need to replace in-person tests and exams

Consider administering an open-book digital exam with support from the Top Hat team.

  • Easily run an open-book exam with set due-dates and time limits
  • Turn your Scantron into a digital test in Top Hat with auto-grading functionality
  • The Top Hat team is here to support you in digitizing your paper exams


NCA’s Teaching & Learning Council has developed this list of online teaching & learning resources; please return for updates and new resources in the days/weeks to come.

Adobe Enables Distance Learning Globally for Schools Impacted by COVID-19

The past few weeks have shown us that, even in times of uncertainty, our schools and business communities remain strong and resourceful, all while continuing to find creative ways to maintain learning and business continuity.

With many schools facing physical campus closures and moving to online learning due to COVID-19, we’re announcing that we’re giving greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps to facilitate distance learning. We believe that doing so will make it possible to keep coursework, teamwork, and student progress on track through at-home access to Creative Cloud for students and educators.

Starting today, we’re giving our higher education and K-12 institutional customers globally — who currently make Creative Cloud apps available to students who login through on-campus labs — the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators. This will be granted through May 31, 2020 at no additional cost. To learn more and request access, please follow this link.

We also know that delivering engaging experiences through distance learning is a new paradigm for many teachers and faculty. Through our community, we’ve curated resources to help educators and school leaders discover inspiring projects, best practices, and new ideas so they can continue to drive valuable learning in virtual environments. For more information on Adobe’s distance learning resources please click here.

Adobe also has a vital role to play in schools, businesses, and government agencies, and earlier this week we began to offer free 90-day access to Adobe Connect, our web conferencing solution, until July 1, 2020. This offer gives users the ability to join meetings, trainings, and virtual classrooms from the safety of their homes. To learn more, please check out the Adobe Connect blog here.

As our education customers work to ensure both safety and learning continuity in their communities, it is our goal to help them with the tools they need to move through these uncertain times. Our commitment to do so in a seamless way continues to be unwavering.

FREE WEBINAR -- How to Transition Your Course to Online COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Webinar

n the wake of classes moving online due to the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), STUKENT is hosting a FREE webinar on Thursday, March 19, at 12 p.m. EDT to assist instructors transitioning to teaching online.
Register here ➝ https://hubs.ly/H0nzZtp0

Television Academy Foundation's Interviews

In 1997, the Television Academy Foundation founded the Archive of American Television to capture the stories of television and preserve them for future generations. In that time, the project has conducted over 800 oral history interviews (over 3,700 hours) with the legends of television. These interviews chronicle the birth and growth of Television History as it evolves, and are freely available worldwide. The Oral History Project continues to produce new interviews every year, and covers a variety of professionsgenres, and topics in electronic media history.

Interviews are conducted in a life-history format, starting with the subject’s early years and influences. The conversation then moves into their major television work, and concludes with the subject’s thoughts about his or her craft, as well as advice to aspiring professionals. The Interviews are presented uncut and unscripted, and available to the public for free at Emmys.com/Archive

MANY exhibits focusing on specific topics, like LBGT in Hollywod, US Presidential Elections, etc

From our website, encourage teacher to use our “SEARCH CLIPS” feature, which will instantly “curate” clips cued to the topic searched in the search bar under the video box.

Also, can search or browse by:

Television Academy Videos

The Television Academy also has many of their live events FREE online.  A few exapmles are:

An insightful dialogue between David Nevins, Chief Creative Officer of CBS Corporation and Michael Schneider, Senior Editor at Variety about the state of the industry, diversity in storytelling, and the future of television.

The showrunners from the new documentary by filmmaker Des Doyle come together to discuss the challenges of running a TV show and their participation in this film.

A panel conversation moderated by Holly Robinson Peete addressing the onscreen representation of people with disabilities as well as pathways for increased access and opportunity.

How Margaret Atwood’s award-winning 1985 dystopian novel was adapted into a parable for our time on Hulu.

Try Final Cut Pro X free for 30 days.

Learn how to adapt your in-person teaching into effective online instructional experiences for you and your students. Free, thanks to the generous support of the Knight Foundation. 

FREE WEBINAR -- How to Effectively Teach Online

Learn how to adapt your in-person teaching into effective online instructional experiences for you and your students. Free, thanks to the generous support of the Knight Foundation. 


All materials on Moviola.com are FREE. Whether you’re a student or simply looking to sharpen your skills, there’s always something new to learn.

Sign up at https://moviola.com/register/ for FREE.

Blackmagic Design

online learning resources for DaVinci Resolve 16

Outlined below are resources available on our DaVinci Resolve Training age https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/training

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve official curriculum 
Our official curriculum includes five free downloadable book PDFs. The books are meant to be both self-paced learning tools as well as classroom curriculum. These books can be downloaded for free from our website or purchase on amazon.com.

Each book includes: 
–  Self-paced step-by-step instruction 
–  Media to follow the step-by-step exercises 
–  Certification exam to test your knowledge
Book titles include: 
– The Beginner’s Guide to DaVinci Resolve 16
– Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve 16
– Fusion Effects with DaVinci Resolve 16
– Advanced Editing with DaVinci Resolve 15 (version 16 will be released soon)
– Fairlight Audio Post with DaVinci Resolve 15 (version 16 will be released soon)

 Online tutorials include: 
– Intro to Editing
– The Art of Color Grading
– DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel 
– Fusion VFX and Graphics
– Fusion VFX in 3D
– Farilight Audio Production Part 1
– Fairlight Audio Production Part 2
– Managing Media 
– Delivering Content

BEA Ignite

Check out the archives for BEA Ignite! (and WJEC Ignite!) for teaching tips, and projects. Although these are not necessarily online native in their presented form, some of them (e.g. The GIF that Keeps on Giving from Ignite 2019 and Making Amazing Audio in Class from WJEC-5) can be easily updated for the virtual classroom and/or provide helpful resources.


To help schools move to online classes and to aid the spread of reliable information, Buzzsprout will provide FREE Pro Podcast Accounts for those working to combat COVID-19 for the duration of the pandemic.

To request a free account, sign up for Buzzsprout and click the COVID-19 button at the top. They will be upgrading accounts on a nightly basis. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.


Teachers looking for online editing education, EditMentor (https://editmentor.com) is an online NLE that teaches students how to edit.

They are currently entering beta —  launch date was BEA –, but can make the application available almost immediately to any teacher who wants to work with us FOR FREE. Try the demo online. Reach out to if needed.

BEA Thought Leadership Series (BEATLS)

The BEA Thought Leadership Series (BEATLS) introduces faculty and students to influential and/or historical figures in the media industry. The short video interviews (5-10 minutes) explore each professional’s background, career path, and day to day responsibilities as well as highlight industry trends.

How to Be a Better Online Teacher ADVICE GUIDE

An article on the basics of teaching online