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Eleven students from ten different campuses were awarded scholarships in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2023-2024 competition.  The winners were selected by the BEA Scholarship Committee at its November 30 virtual meeting announced Pete Orlik, committee chair.  They include:

Abe Voron Scholarships – Sponsored by the Abe Voron Committee

Eric Boyce, Illinois State University

Amy Diaz, University of Central Florida

Madeline Fisher, University of Indianapolis

John Bayliss Award – Sponsored by the John Bayliss Foundation

Taylor Fleming, DePauw University

Vincent Wasilewski Scholarship – Sponsored by Patrick Communications, LLC

Kaley Martin, University of Alabama

Library of American Broadcasting Scholarship – Sponsored by the LAB

Allen Babiarz-Lira, Regent University

Edward O. Fritts Scholarship, Sponsored by BEA

Rheanna DeCrow, Ithaca College

BEA Founders Scholarships – Sponsored by BEA

Morgan Butler, San Francisco State University

Laken Kincaid, John Carroll University

Richard Eaton Foundation Scholarship – Sponsored by the Richard Eaton Foundation

Derryl Barnes, University of Miami

Peter B. Orlik Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA

Braden Bylak, Ilinois State University

BEA scholarships are awarded to outstanding students for study on campuses that are institutional members of the organization.  The 2024-2025 competition begins in March 2023.

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