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The 2023 Leibner Cooper Grant for Creative Productions on the History of Media has been awarded to Jason Lee Guthrie for his latest project, the Recollecting Carter podcast

Jason Lee Guthrie is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Clayton State University.  Guthrie has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Georgia. He is a media historian interested in the production cultures of creative industries. His doctoral work focused on how early American content creators interpreted and used copyright.

Guthrie’s project is a mini-series that explores the life of President Jimmy Carter. The full series will consist of several episodes and will feature oral history interviews with journalists, archivists, and academic experts, as well as archival media from the 1960s to the present day. Guthrie said, “This is an especially appropriate topic for the Leibner Cooper grant, as so much of Carter’s campaign success, Presidential struggles, and the narrative about his legacy have been shaped by modern media.” A pilot episode has been completed previously and was recognized with an Award of Excellence for the Faculty Audio competition for BEA On-Location 2022.

The Leibner Cooper Grant for Creative Productions on the History of Media is made possible thanks to an endowment from Leibner Cooper Family Foundation. Annually, a $2,500 grant will be awarded to a faculty member who is producing a documentary, news story, multimedia project or sports production focused on historical issues, figures and/or events related to media.  Each year the recipient will be recognized at the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation Giants of Broadcasting Luncheon and at BEA’s annual awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

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