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Submission Deadline: February 1

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This year you had the unexpected CHALLENGE to reinvent college broadcast news in the wake of COVID-19.  You all had to blow it up and recreate it.  Show us how YOU reinvented news in the COVID world.  This year we are celebrating the creative talents of our news students and their remarkable inventive abilities.

We welcome submissions by teams of students or classes who were challenged in 2020 to develop unique ways of presenting traditional and non-traditional news.  

Please submit the following…

  • Traditional 30 minute newscast submissions that stick within the general programming flow of a TV station – but makes the traditional format more attractive to younger audiences, including millennials.  Submissions can include a mix of news, sports, weather, entertainment, advertising and promotion.
  • Mobile content ideas for local stations to distribute the news to its viewing area through mobile applications.

Schools can have multiple teams submit and there is no cost to participate.  Simply submit one of your newscasts to BEA.  It can be any newscast created after COIVD restrictions were placed on your school.

Submissions will be reviewed by news directors and executives.  Three winning teams will be rewarded with a plaque and “BEA party package” to kick off the 2021 spring semester.


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