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Congratulations to the BEA2023 Research Paper Competition Winners

Curriculum, Assessment & Administration Division
Debut Paper
1st Place:  From Professor to Podcaster: A Step-By-Step Guide to Producing Podcasts to Help Expand Student Learning; Chad Whittle; Georgia College & State University

Open Paper
1st Place:  Teaching climate change while building critical dialoguing skills in an era of fake news & misinformation; Adam Kuban; Ball State University


Documentary Division
Open Paper
Why Documentary and Journalistic Activities Are Not (and never were) Subject to Institutional Research Board Review: Correcting Twenty Years of Misunderstanding; Kimberlianne Podlas, University North Carolina – Greensboro


Gender & Sexuality Division
Open Papers
1st Place (tie):  What do teen supernatural TV dramas, queer youth sexual identity, social media and fandom all have in common?; Victor D. Evans, Seattle University

1st Place (tie):  Him too: John Lasseter’s sexism and the simple solution of Purl; Rob Brookey, Jason Phillips, & Timothy D. Pollard, Ball State University

1st Place (tie):  “Weathergirls”: The Symbolic Annihilation of Women Broadcast Meteorologists;
Danielle F. Deavours, Samford University


History Division
Debut Papers
1st Place:  The Apostles of TikTok: Sponsored Film as a Foundation for Social Media Marketing;
Michael Sinclair, Regent University

2nd Place:  Through the Lens of a Missionary Paper: The Lutheran Church in 1923;
Candace Saunders-Grewe, Regent University

Open Papers
1st Place:  Broadcasters Bragging about Serving the Audience: Philatelic Collectibles and the History of Station Promotion; Steve D. Perry, Regent University; Ann E Broda, Regent University

2nd Place: More than the Voice of the NFL: The Story of John Facenda’s Role as a Pioneering Newscaster in Philadelphia; Daniel Marshall Haygood, Elon University

Influencing audiences at home: the use of cartoons as a tool of propaganda during World War II; Andrew M. Clark, University of Texas – Arlington, Tom Christie, University of Texas – Arlington

A Brief History of Taiwan’s Comedy Cinema; Chun Han Wang, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies – Top Research Presentations
Debut Paper
1st Place:  Making Gun Control Agendas in Networked Digital Environment: An Intermedia Comparison between Activism Websites, News Outlets, and Ephemeral Media during the U.S. Gun Control Movement; Qian Li, Arizona State University; Chun Shao, Arizona State University; Shawn Walker, Arizona State University; K. Hazel Kwon, Arizona State University

Open Paper
1st Place:  Virtual Allies: Why Allyship is Critical to Diversification of Virtual Reality Gaming; Danielle F. Deavours, Samford University
2nd Place: Toward a Theory of Fundraising Message and Visual Strategies on Social Media; Kisun Kim, Columbus State University; Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University


International Division
Debut Papers
1st Place:  Russia’s strategic International communication during the Annexation of Crimea- a visual narrative analysis; Chang Zhang, Communication University of China

2nd Place: Media Agenda Setting in the Information Age: The cases of the COVID-19 spread and the popularity of the Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen; Jasmine Sun, West Virginia University/Reed College of Media; Stephen James Urbanski, West Virginia University

Open Paper
1st Place:  Retracing the Future of Netflix: The Political Economy of Global Netflix; Helena Vanhala, Robert Morris University


Law & Policy Division
Open Papers
1st Place:  Persuasive Attack and Defense of Campus Free Speech: Implications for the First Amendment;
Joseph R. Blaney, Illinois State University & Matthew J. Blaney, Washington University School of Law

2nd Place: The New Second Amendment, the Old First Amendment, and the Future of American Democracy; Dale Herbeck, Northeastern University

Management, Marketing and Programming Division
Open Paper
1st Place: App Adopters of One Generation in Two Cultures: Looking into the App Adoption among Chinese and U.S. College Peers
Chenjie Zhang, Jiangsu Normal University; Weiwei Jiang, Shanghai International Studies University

Multicultural Studies Division
Debut Papers
1st Place: Hashtags and Heritage: The Use of #italianamerican on Instagram; Stephanie A. Longo, Regent University

2nd Place: Place Attachment and Forced Freedom: Acculturation Experiences of Mainland Chinese Students in Hong Kong – A Visual Field Method in University Libraries Based on Photovoice; Chuanlin Ning, Shanghai Jiao Tong university

Open Papers
1st Place: “You have to acknowledge it to get past it”: A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Postsecondary Media Students with Disabilities; Melissa Sgroi, Misericordia University

2nd Place:  Retracing the Anemic State of Black-owned Broadcasting in the 21st Century; Keonte Coleman, Syracuse University; Denetra Walker, University of Georgia; Dorothy Bland, University of North Texas & Cheran Ratnam, University of North Texas


News Division
Debut Papers
 1st Place: Delegitimizing the Movement: An Analysis of Visual Frames in American Broadcast News Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests; Morgan Butler, San Francisco State University; Ashley Larson, San Francisco State University

2nd Place: Can Local TV Stations Find an Audience for News Among Generation Z and/or Millennials?;
Dave Madsen, Morningside University & Emily Rotthaler, Morningside University

 9 Minutes and 29 Seconds: Media Framing of the Chauvin Murder Trial; Marc A. Willis, Regent University

Open Papers
1st Place:  “Too Much Stress for Too Little Pay and Too Little Reward”: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected U.S. Local TV Journalists’ Workloads, Mental Health, and Work/Life Balance; Nataliya Roman, University of North Florida; Berrin Beasley, University of North Florida

2nd Place:  Disinterest Abroad: A framing analysis of international stories on U.S. news Instagram accounts; Rich Johnson, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University; Miles Romney, Brigham Young University


Production Aesthetics & Criticism Division
Debut Paper
1st Place:  Perseverance Takes Flight: A Narrative Analysis of Top Gun: Maverick; Allen Hills, Regent University

Radio & Audio Media Division
Debut Paper
1st Place:  True Crime, True Conspiracy: The True Crime Podcast Unraveled as a Representation of Cultural Mistrust; Devin Russell Chalberg, The University of Arkansas


Research Division
Debut Papers
1st Place:  The Buzz Behind Alcohol Advertising: How Alcohol Advertisements on Social Media Impact Drinking Motivation and Behavior; Alexis Morgan Campbell, University of Arkansas; Jee-Young Chung, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

2nd Place:  Empathy, Validation, and Branding: Testing the Theory of Empathetic Authenticity;
Yi Liao, University of Utah; Dallin Russell Adams, The University of Utah; Camilla Owens, University of Utah; Jakob D. Jensen, University of Utah

Open Papers
1st Place:  Twisted up about potential tornados? Examining factors that amplify one’s need for information; Cory L. Armstrong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2nd Place:  Conceptualizing Trust: Causes, Components, and Consequences; Chun Shao, Arizona State University; Seungahn Nah, University of Florida; Eve Heffron, University of Florida; Jessica F. Sparks, University of Florida


Sports Division
Open Papers
1st Place:  Give me incentive: Audience motivations for subscribing to local sports news; Rich Johnson, Arizona State University; Miles Romney, Brigham Young University

2nd Place:  Breaking Up is Not-So-Hard to Do: Image Repair and Conference Realignment; John McGuire, Oklahoma State; Allison Forbes, Texas State

3rd Place:  Trolligans: Conceptual links between trolling and hooliganism in sports and esports; Chrissy Cook, National Chengchi University; Veli-Matti Karhulahti, University of Jyvaskyla; Guy Harrison, University of Tennessee & Nicholas Bowman, Syracuse University


Student Media Advisors
Open Paper
1st Place:  Campus News Coverage of an Execution: A Narrative Analysis; Desiree Hill, University of Central Oklahoma

Writing Division
Show Bibles Competition
Good Grief Series Bible; Taylor Potter, University of Georgia


Research Committee Special Call on Social Media
Civic Engagement in Anti-Asian Violence Activism: A Comparative View between Asians and Non-Asian Ethnic Groups in the United States; Seok Kang, University of Texas – San Antonio

Computer-Mediated Communication Efficacy Moderates the Effect of Online Coping on Social Media Addiction; John Christensen, University of Connecticut; Nathan Chase, University of Connecticut;

Learning from a live stream: An examination of motivations, information behaviors, and perceived credibility across live streaming video and pre-recorded videos on social media; Bridget Rubenking, University of Central Florida; Erica Rodriguez Kight, University of Central Florida; Michael G Strawser, University of Central Florida

Let’s Talk COVID-19: Examining Fear of Isolation and Opinion Expression on Facebook; Candace Saunders-Grewe, Regent University

Understanding factors affecting the relationship between socialbots’ anthropomorphism and user trust among Taiwanese social media users; Trisha T. C. Lin, National Chengchi University; Pei-Chi Jao; National Chengchi University

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