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Congratulations to the 2023 Signature Station Award winners!

Each year the competition invites submissions of superior protocol and practices at student-run, faculty-advised college radio and television stations.  Special thanks to our judges who had “submissions of superior protocol” to review.  The winning stations will be recognized during the Exhibit Hall Refresh Break and Signature Station Celebration session scheduled for Monday, April 17.

Television National Signature Station Awards
1st Place: CitrusTV; Syracuse University
Honorable Mention: AppTV; Appalachian State University

 Radio National Signature Station Awards
1st Place: WZND Radio; Illinois State University
Honorable Mention: WGCS / 91.1 The Globe; Goshen College

The awards are produced by BEA’s Student Media Advisors interest division each year.  The submission window is November 15 – December 15 each year.  To see more about the Signature Station Awards, please click here.

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