Student Scriptwriting Competition Winners

Best of Festival:               Liam Goulding, San Jose State University; Rasputin's Resurrection (Feature)

Short Subject
1st Place:                             Adam Wagner Screenwriter, Missouri State University; My Daughters Dragon
2nd Place:                           Jacob Lutz, Xavier University; 9/11 Trilogy: In Your Heart, Smell the Roses, and One Missed Call
3rd Place:                            Wesley Walker, Missouri State University; Incinerate
Honorable Mention:           Darren H. Rae, San Jose State University; Park Arcadia
Honorable Mention:           Anna Almendros, Florida State University; MAGIC BAG

Feature/TV Hour
1st Place:                             Cody Stauber, Central Michigan University; Shanghaied
2nd Place:                           Joshua Klein, San Jose State University; Striker
3rd Place:                            Dan Koskie, San Jose State University; Friend Triangle
Honorable Mention:           Estee Chase-Hodge, Kent State University; Clandestine Truth

TV Pilot
1st Place:                             Lydia Grace Rollins,Liberty University; Quiet, Please
2nd Place:                           Conner Good, Columbia College Chicago; The End - "Pilot"

TV Spec
1st Place:                             Courtnee Rizzo, San Francisco State University; Mad Men-"The Blackout"
2nd Place:                           Vincent Benjamin, Autumn Cueller, Ashley Anne Drzal, Melissa Falgier, & Brandon M. Fles, Purdue University Calumet;                                              Get The Picture
3rd Place Tie:                      Amy E. Ribar, San Francisco State University; Dexter - "Like Me"
3rd Place Tie:                     William Schlichter, Missouri State University; WALKING DEAD, "What Money Can't Buy"
Honorable Mention:           Paige Pulaski, University of Georgia; "It's Not Easy Being Green":  "30 Rock"

1st Place:                             James Defebaugh, San Francisco State University; Hell, Michigan
2nd Place:                           Brenda J Lopez, San Francisco State University; La Bestia