Student Video Competition Winners

Best of Festival Video Production:                          Jonathan Park, Blake Gaytan, Kristina Ivanova, Cutler Gray, California State University Northridge; CSUN Notable Alumni - Mark Langill
Best of Festival Dramatic Production:                    Brook Linder - Director/Screenwriter, Media, Journalism & Film Missouri State University; Ghoul School

1st Place:                             LaMar R. Ford Jr., University of Southern California; Tailypo
2nd Place:                           Blake Hawk, University of Cincinnati; Last Night In Town
3rd Place:                            Jeff Schroeder, Bryan J.H. Gordon, San Francisco State Univeristy; Kick
Honorable Mention:       Kyle Hobkirk, J. Tyler Shaw & Alex Ring, Azusa Pacific University; We Present: Episode 9
Honorable Mention:           Derek Ellis, Alex Thomas, Zach Russey & Michelle Araque, Northern Arizona University; Retrograde
Honorable Mention:            Zach J. Aker, Bethany Lutheran College; FEM: Female Enhancement Machine
Honorable Mention:            Sam Parker, University of Georgia; Gloomiere

1st: Place:                           Journalism students of the Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science/University of Zagreb; Cro ID: Who are we? Tko smo mi?
2nd Place Tie:                    Jessica Parham, University of Oklahoma; Routes TV
2nd Place Tie:                    Jeff McCarthy, California State University Long Beach; When Disaster Strikes

Music Video
1st Place:                        Micah K. Russell, The University of Alabama; Gifted's "Superstar"
2nd Place:                      Joseph M Ligo, Andrea Tice, Westminster College; "Easy"
3rd Place:                       Julie Wackerle, Rowan University; Science is a Man - Clockwork
Honorable Mention:      Barrett Dennison, Western Kentucky University; Comin' Round Again
Honorable Mention:      Max Moore, Western Kentucky University; February

1st Place:                       Kaleb Tuttle, Zack Evans, and Brian Hartley, Azusa Pacific University; Mama's Boy
2nd Place Tie:               Eli Hull & Emily Calhoun, University of Oklahoma; One Last Kill
2nd Place Tie:               Ryan Lagerstrom, Azusa Pacific University; Expiration Date
3rd Place:                      Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes, California State University, Northridge; Pareto Principle
Honorable Mention:      J. Tyler Shaw, Azusa Pacific University; Eye of the Beholder: A Comedy in Three Parts
Honorable Mention:      Verite, British Columbia Institute of Technology; The Haze
Honorable Mention:      William Christopher Casey, Loyola University Chicago; Fitzgerald In Love
Honorable Mention:      Jared T. Thomas, Loyola University Chicago; Death's Bench
Honorable Mention:      Micah Blakeslee, Nicholas Cravey & Daniel Jennings, University of Florida; Beyond the Mortal Veil
Honorable Mention:      Max Moore, Western Kentucky University; The Red Box
Honorable Mention:      John Picklap, Olivia Merrion, Brandon Hyman, James Madison University; Tree Hugger

1st Place:                        Geoffrey K. Norman, San Francisco State University; “Refine Your Style and Shop at Goodwill!”  - Goodwill TV Spot
2nd Place:                       Andrew Maas, Kurt Paulsen, Bethany Lutheran College; Gain
3rd Place:                       Josh Rosman, SUNY New Paltz; Relay for Life Promotion
Honorable Mention:      Steve Celano & Emily Devaney, Loyola University Maryland; Let's Talk: Loyola University Maryland Counseling Center
Honorable Mention:      Gaylord Hall Productions & Lindsey + Asp, University of Oklahoma; Nissan Commercial

1st Place:                       Emily Blocher, University of Tennessee - Knoxvill; Streetwise: Burn The Night - Trailer
2nd Place:                     Christian Armada, Loyola Marymount University; The Learning Community (TLC) Documentary
3rd Place:                      Mike Schafernak, Loyola Marymount University; Inside the Mayor's Office: LA on Track
Honorable Mention:      Alethea Spencer and Maureen Abernathy, James Madison University; The Collins Center
Honorable Mention:      Joshua Shockley, Hannah Foster & Zach Strauss, University of Oklahoma; This is Our Classroom 2012

SV7 - Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape):                       , ;
1st Place:                       Kyel White, Marquette University; Diederich Ideas: What's So Funny
2nd Place:                      Jeffrey Hogan, Youngstown State University; Homework Express, 12/6/12
3rd Place:                       Kathryn Coduto, Kent State University; Campaign to Kent
Honorable Mention:      Chelsea Johnson, St. Cloud State University; Husky Mag
Honorable Mention:      Wilson Lemieux & One Sessions Crew, West Texas A&M University; One Sessions - Fall 2012