Student Sports Competition Winners

Best of Festival: Matt Szymanski, St. Cloud State University; Husky Productions: SCSU vs UNO 12/9/12

SS1 - Radio Sports Story / Feature / News:                           , ;
1st Place:                             Hayden Packwood, Arizona State University; Halloween Baseball
2nd Place:                           Mitch Mullis, University of Southern Indiana; The Edge Sportscast
3rd Place:                            Josh Overholser, Otterbein University; Otterbein Football Year in Review
Honorable Mention:            Mike Rodriguez, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; UNC uniform palette now includes more than Carolina Blue

SS2 - Radio/TV Sports Event, Play-by-Play Talent:                            , ;
1st Place:                             Ball State Sports Link, Ball State University; Sports Link Radio vs. Ohio
2nd Place:                           Chris Brintle, Oklahoma State University; Cowboys vs. Cyclones CB
3rd Place:                            Benjamin Kelly, Goshen College; WGCS-FM, Goshen College Volleyball v. Bethel College
Honorable Mention:            James Phillip Aaron Payne, Marshall University; Marshall Football v. Houston

SS3 - TV Sports Story / Feature / Show Element/Segment  or News Program:                      , ;
1st Place:                             Rachel Polansky, College of Communications / Penn State University; Jake Schrom - Power Lifter
2nd Place:                           Andrew Kelleher, Michigan State University; Help a Willing Kid at Crown Boxing Club
3rd Place Tie:                     Chris Renkel, Chris Kosinski & Emily Barker, Ball State University ; Ball State Sports Link: The Jake Brehmer Story
3rd Place Tie:                     Jamie McCracken, West Virginia University; Tailgating
Honorable Mention:                      Kimberly Pestalozzi, Arizona State University ; The Price of Playing
Award of Excellence Videography:                          Lisa-Charisse Blanco, Arizona State University; Sun Devils 101: Todd Graham All- Access Show
Award of Excellence Storytelling:                             Fahim Rasul, Arizona State University; Annie Lockwood
Award of Excellence Interviewing:                          Rachel Polansky, College of Communications / Penn State University; Special Olympian Austin Bowen

SS4 - TV Sports Talent (Anchor / Host):                  , ;
1st Place:                             Rich Pierce, Kent State University; Sports Reel
2nd Place:                           Shaun Gordon, Brigham Young University; Shaun Gordon
3rd Place:                            Alec Ausmus, St. Cloud State University; Alec Ausmus Sports Anchor
Honorable Mention:            Amber Harding, Arizona State University; Amber Harding - Anchor, Cronkite NewsWatch and SportsWatch 101

SS5 - TV Sports Event Production:                            , ;
1st Place:                             Andrew Asp, Reid Anderson, Anthony Miller & Isaac Rice, Bethany Lutheran College; Maverick Hockey Weekend, UAA @ MSU