For General Questions Email:

General Festival Questions -
Warren Koch, Festival Chair

Uploading Questions and Issues -
J-D Boyle


Audio Competition

Clark Greer, Faculty Competition

Michael Huntsberger, Student Competition


Documentary Competition

Leah B. Mangrum, Student Competition

Julie Williamsen, Faculty Competition


Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Heather Starr Fiedler, Student Competition Co-Chair

Lakshmi Tirumala, Student Competition Co-Chair 

John Dailey, Faculty Competition Co-Chair

Sam Edsall, Facutly IMM Co-Chair


News Competition

Trina T. Creighton, Faculty News Chair

Brent M. Foster, Student Radio Chair

Mary Rogus, Hard News Chair

Rick Sykes, Newscast 3 days/less Chair

Jay Dunmore, Student Talent Chair

Rick Ricioppo, Newscast 4 days/more Chair

Sara Magee, Student Television Feature Chair

Scriptwriting Competition

Marie Elliott, Student Competition Co-Chair

Antonio Zarro, Student Competition Co-Chair

Michael Whalen, Chair, Faculty Competition

Sports Competition

Tommy Booras, Student Competition

Don Moore, Faculty Competition


Two-Year/Small Colleges Competition
Jim Crandall, Competition Chair


Video Competition

Stephen Price, Student Competition

Amy Crawford, Student Competition

Tony Demars, Faculty Competition