Student Documentary Competition Winners

Best of Festival:  Sam Smartt & Chris Zaluski, Wake Forest University; Wagonmasters

Short Form Documentary
1st Place:                             JT Esterkamp & Taehoon Kim, Ohio University; The War Within
2nd Place:                           Michael Bahnmiller, Brigham Young University; A Story About The Garifuna
3rd Place:                            Jon Kasbe, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; A Beautiful Waste
Award of Excellence Research & Producing:        Shelby Hadden, The University of Alabama; Never Got a Dime
Award of Excellence Editing:                                      E.R. Womelsduff, Azusa Pacific University; Steam Vision
Award of Excellence Character Development:    Hanny Lee, University of North Texas; Vermilion Cliffs
Honorable Mention:                      Daniel Neligh, Arizona State University; The Incidents at Church Rock
Honorable Mention:                      Jon Kasbe,  Joshua Davis, Spencer Bakalar, Jon Kasbe, Kelly McHugh & Keith Kenniff, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Life Reflected

Long Form Documentary
1st Place:                             Kelsy Franklin, James Heasley & Kylene Planer, Ithaca College; Overlooked:  Autumn's Job Search
2nd Place:                           Alex Lancial, Tara Molina, Jake Stein, Arizona State University; Scholarslip
3rd Place:                            University of Montana, School of Journalism, Department of Radio-Television Student Documentary, University of Montana; Boom! Behind the Bakken
Honorable Mention:                      Katie Baroody, Kyle Fredrick, Alice Nelson  & Dan Wheldon, James Madison University; A Mother's Walk
Honorable Mention:                      Greg Kubik, University of Alabama; Alabama Art Seen, Episode 102
Honorable Mention:                      Morgan Cox, Nicole Shumate, Erin Collins and Mary-Catherine Parent, Arizona State University; Paying the Price
Honorable Mention:                      Tyler Lee, Florida State University; Peace, Love, & Sneakers: Art For Haiti