Student Audio Competition Winners

Best of Festival:               Jessica E. Paratore, Appalachian State University; Clogging: History of an Appalachian Dance Form

Air Personality
1st Place:                             Kayla McCarty, University of Southern Indiana; The Kayla McCarty Show
2nd Place:                           Matt Koewler, University of Southern Indiana; The Matt Koewler Show
3rd Place:                            Allie Volpe, Rowan University; The Indie Fix with Allie Volpe

Comedy or Drama                          
1st Place:                             Sean Keenehan, Loyola University Chicago; Karen and Sandy
2nd Place:                           Chris Howard, University of Southern Indiana; Invasion - Episode 1

Educational Program                     
1st Place:                             Christian Taylor, Appalachian State University; Love Rain Down: The Evolution of Black Gospel Music
2nd Place:                           Paul K. Shaver, Appalachian State University; Unfit To Breed: The Eugenics Program of North Carolina
3rd Place:                            Grant T. Elder, Appalachian State University; New World Tradition: The Story of the Appalachian Ballad

PSA, Promo, or Commercial
1st Place:                             Chris Howard, University of Southern Indiana; That Rocks
2nd Place:                           Kenny Douglass, University of Southern Indiana; Thankful Listeners
3rd Place:                            Loren Coronado, University of La Verne; LeoFM Promo: Scandia
Honorable Mention:      Joe Mineo & Allie Volpe, Rowan University; Freedom of Speech Means...

Specialty Program
1st Place:                             John W. Morin, San Francisco State University; Glossolalia #9
2nd Place:                           Melissa Ratley, University of North Texas; Acoustic Infusions
3rd Place:                            Jimmy Cassoday, Goshen College; After Hours!