Student News Competition Winners

Student Radio News Best of Festival:     Grace Joyal, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Cats find refuge with Pittsboro artist(Radio Feature News)
Student Television News Best of Festival: Dan Neligh, Arizona State University; More Arizonans Traveling to Mexico For Dental Work (Television Feature News)
Student Newscast Best of Festival:        
College of Communications / Penn State University; The Centre County Report - 11/02/12

Radio Feature Reporting
1st Place:                             Monica Gokey, University of Montana; Diwali Coverage, Missoula
2nd Place:                           Jacob Mueller, Kansas State University; Building a Family
3rd Place:                            Taylor Crosby, University of Alabama; Dorm cooking using the microwave

Radio Hard News
1st Place:                             Ruth Eddy, University of Montana; Coal Trains
2nd Place:                           Allison Mills, University of Montana; Batteries
3rd Place:                            Matt Czizek, University of North Texas; Emergency Drill Denton
Honorable Mention:      Devon Dewey, Brigham Young University; Quail Fire Evacuation

Radio Newscast
1st Place:                             Danielle Kerschhackl and Kelsey Morris, Goshen College; Globe News
2nd Place:                           Meredith Everitt, University of Oklahoma; In-Depth Reports
3rd Place:                            Leannda Carey, Marshall University; Newscenter88: 2-24-12
Honorable Mention:      WUFT-FM News Student Staff, University of Florida; WUFT NEWS

Television Feature Reporting
1st Place:                             Patrick Wright, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; New Towing Law
2nd Place:                           Nelson Oliveira, Stony Brook University; Memories Destroyed by Sandy
3rd Place:                            Jack Dodge Highberger, Arizona State University; Old West tradition survives in Nogales boot shop
Honorable Mention:      Jacob Fisher, University of South Carolina; Radioiodine Therapy
Honorable Mention:      Alexis Flake, Brigham Young University; Sushi Challenge

Television Hard News Reporting
1st Place:                             Nathan O'Neal, Arizona State University; Navajo HIV
2nd Place:                           Alexis Flake, Brigham Young University; Trampoline Park Dangers
3rd Place:                            Bill Melugin, Arizona State University; Scottsdale City Council Campaign Finance Reports Show Controversial Funding
Honorable Mention:                      Ryan Haarer, Arizona State University; Buffalo Invasion
Honorable Mention:                      Jack Dodge Highberger, Arizona State University; For crime reporter on streets of Ciudad Juarez, change comes slowly.

Television News Anchor
1st Place:                 Cat Janisko, College of Communications / Penn State University
2nd Place:                  Ryan Haarer, Arizona State University
3rd Place:                  Krista Baker, West Virginia University
Honorable Mention:                 Alex Giles, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less)
1st Place:                             Fast Track  Best of Fall 2012, Purdue University; Fast Track  Best of Fall 2012
2nd Place:                           UTVS News en Español, SCSU; UTVS News en Español
3rd Place:                            Carolina Week - April 18, 2012, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Carolina Week - April 18, 2012
Honorable Mention:                      Focal Point Newscast 12/8/12, Michigan State University; Focal Point Newscast 12/8/12

Television Newscast (airing 4 or 5 days per week)
1st Place:                             NewsWatch Staff, Arizona State University; Cronkite Newswatch 10/02/2012
2nd Place:                           Devon Dewey, Brigham Young University; ElevenNEWS at Noon
3rd Place:                            Lindsey Branwall and Leah Carr, St. Cloud State University; UTVS News November 30, 2012
Honorable Mention:      Erik Ugartechea, University of Florida; WUFT NEWS First at Five

Television Weathercaster
1st Place:                             Drew Day, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
2nd Place:                           Ryan Hoke, Mississippi State University
3rd Place:                            Elisabeth D'Amore, Mississippi State University
Honorable Mention:      Jon Haverfield, University of Oklahoma