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Disrupt the News Challenge —Rules & Regulations

TVNewsCheck and BEA partnered to create the “Disrupt the News Challenge” to uncover unique ideas for reinventing local broadcast news to attract new viewers, particularly younger ones.

The high-visibility challenge will feature student journalists — or teams of them — competing to produce the best alternative local news content that that can be integrated with TV stations’ usual linear mix of entertainment, advertising and promotion.

Winners will receive recognition and a showcase of their works during BEA’s convention and NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Predominant Authorship and Originality: The Disrupt the News Challenge invites submissions of original creative works in which the entrant(s) maintained predominant authorship over the project’s content and aesthetics (producing, directing, writing, editing, etc.).

2. BEA Members Only: The competition is open to full-time graduate and undergraduate students who are enrolled at a university or college that is a BEA Institutional Member. Membership forms and information are available on the BEA website at www.BEAweb.org. Entrants must certify that the entry was completed while enrolled full-time as a student at a university, college, or community/technical college. NOTE: Students enrolled at a BEA Member Institution receive a free student membership by registering online.

3. Legal Permissions: The entrant agrees to clear all licenses, copyrights, and permissions to ensure that the submission can legally and ethically be presented at the BEA convention and online at www.BEAweb.org. If an entity other than the entrant owns the rights to all or part of the submitted program, the entrant must attach written consent from the owner or an authorized representative of the owner to the entry form.

4. Showcase Rights: The Disrupt the News Challenge winners will be showcased and/or participate in a session at BEA’s annual convention and/or NAB Show in Las Vegas, and winning content will be featured on-line on BEA’s website and partner websites. By entering the “challenge,” the entrant is stating that they own the rights of exhibition and that they grant BEA the limited rights to showcase the work in these forums. If these rights cannot be granted for a legitimate reason, the entrant secondarily agrees to create a “substantial trailer” that can be exhibited and will give the viewer a sense of why the complete work was an award-winner.

5. Language: Works must be in English or have English subtitles.

6. Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted online. Online submissions will be accepted from December 1 – December 15. Winners will be notified of the results by January 31, 2020.

Submission Requirements

1. One Entry Form for Each Entry: The entrant must complete one entire online entry form for each submission.

2. Submission Process: Entrants must follow the online procedures for electronically submitting video and any collateral material. Media submissions that fail to work or are not comprehensible for any reason will result in the disqualification of the entry. Failure to properly complete any portion of the submission process (completing the online entry form or submitting the media) by the December 15, 2019 deadline will disqualify the entry from the competition.

Judging Process

1. Evaluation Criteria: Entries are evaluated according to the following criteria: 1) professionalism; 2) the use of aesthetic and/or unique elements; 3) sense of structure and timing; 4) production values; 5) technical merit; and 6) creativity.

2. Judging: A panel comprised of media educators and/or industry professionals will judge each entry. Judges will not be assigned to review an entry where there is an obvious conflict of interest or in cases where the judge is institutionally affiliated with an entrant.

3. Blind Review: Every effort will be made to conduct a blind review of each submission. Wherever possible, entrants should remove information that points to the identity of the work’s author and/or co-author(s).

Award Levels and Prizes

1. Award Levels: TVNewsCheck and BEA staff review the judging evaluation forms and determine the final ranking and award levels as follows: 1st place will receive a $3,000 cash award, 2nd place will receive a $2,000 award and 3rd place will receive a $1,000 award. In addition, each winning team will receive a $1,000 check to offset travel costs to Las Vegas. All team members will receive complimentary BEA convention registrations. Prizes will be awarded during a showcase at the BEA convention. Awards are based on the individual merit of an entry. Winners may or may not be chosen for all award levels. The decision of the judges is final.

2. Plaques: Each winning team will receive one award plaque at no charge. Additional plaques and trophies may be ordered after the convention.

3. Exhibition: Winners are expected to attend the 2020 BEA Convention and the NAB Show in Las Vegas to exhibit their entry. At least one member of each winning team should attend the convention. Failure to send a viable representative from the entry’s team may result in the withholding of the cash award.

Organizer’s Rights, Liability & Hold Harmless Matters

– I understand and agree that TVNewsCheck and the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), as the program facilitator, are under no obligation to select my entry, or any other submission to the challenge.

– All content created as part of the challenge may be used by the organizers for future promotional uses.

– By submitting to the challenge, I agree that BEA, its board, employees, members, sponsors, agents, assigns and affiliated associations and companies will be held harmless from any claims, actions, lawsuits, demands assessments and/or judgments coming from any and all members participating in the program. Moreover, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold BEA, its board, employees, members, sponsors, assigns and affiliated associations and companies harmless against any and all claims, actions, lawsuits, demands, assessments and/or judgments arising from my submission and/or participation.

– I understand that if my entry is accepted, at least one member of my team will travel to Las Vegas to participate on a panel and accept the award.

– The program will pay for the following winner expenses: one $1,000 travel stipend check per winning team to offset travel to BEA2020, April 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV.

– If my submission is selected as a winner, I will permit my likeness to be used in BEA promotional material. This can be in print or electronic form.

– I confirm that all statements in this application are true.