BEA2023 Call for Research-in-Progress

BEA2023 Faculty and Student Research-in-Progress
Deadline: December 15th

BEA’s Research Division invites faculty and students to submit research in progress to be considered for presentation and discussion at BEA’s annual convention April 15-18, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Research projects may focus on a wide range of topics as generally represented within BEA but should be at a stage in which feedback and suggestions are appropriate. A variety of perspectives as well as methodological approaches are welcome.

FOR STUDENT SUBMISSIONS: Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit research.  Projects with faculty co-author(s) are eligible, but the first author must be a student.

Submission Requirements:

–     To submit your proposal online, visit the BEA2023 submission site by 12/15/22 and select either Faculty OR Student Research-in-Progress.

–     Only the title of the paper should appear on the uploaded information and running heads of the abstract to allow for BLIND REVIEW. Your name and contact information will be provided via your online paper submission registration in the system. No cover page with this information is needed.

  • Upload an extended abstract of no more than 3,000 words. Abstracts should include:
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Research questions and/or hypotheses
    • Proposed methodology
    • Brief summary of expected results
    • References

Authors of top selected projects will be invited to present at the convention during a poster session and the lead author will be expected to present at BEA2023.

The BEA2023 Convention Spotlight is….. Retracing the Future

This year’s convention spotlight concludes the three-year exploration of the future which invoked the following themes: Facing the Future (2021), Embracing the Future (2022), and Retracing the Future (2023). Retracing the Future in BEA2023 encourages us to look forward and plan for a future that will continue to evolve at rapid pace – but it encourages us to do so while looking back into our history and understanding how we arrived at the present moment. Simultaneously engaging with the past, present, and future allows us move forward with purpose, intentionality, justice, and hope….and just the right amount of caution. What have we learned from the multiple social and other challenges we have faced in the distant and recent past? How can we use what we have learned to inform creative solutions and opportunities? What new or tried-and-true instructional models and practices can be created, combined, or adapted to best meet our students’ and our society’s needs in the long term? What media models and practices will be most beneficial and effective for industry partners, practitioners, and the citizens of a democratic society? What should we bring back, update, or set aside? What should we do/create/teach now? BEA2023 stands firmly in the present, committed to a just and inclusive future, and highly aware of how our past has brought us to where we are now. By Retracing the Future, BEA 2023 encourages us to take a 360-degree look into the past, present, and future of electronic media practices, education, and research. Retracing the Future serves as the convention spotlight, but the research-in-progress call is not limited to this area of research and discussion.