Assessment Boot Camp: A resource for people who (think they) hate assessment

The BEA 2024 Assessment Boot Camp is going to be the continuation of an expansion of its reach and use that we started last year. In 2024 we will be creating an online repository with assessment ideas that anyone can use for their own department’s assessment activities. We already have a few items from last year’s boot camp. Now we need to keep building.

We want to make something that is plug and play so BEA members will be able to go on the website and download the resources they need to easily implement a rigorous assessment .

How can you help?
Submit a presentation for the 2024 assessment boot camp! As with years past, we will publish a special issue of the Journal of Media Education highlighting all this great work.

Questions? You can email Rob Spicer:

Deadline for submission: January 15, 2024.