Grand Plans and Great Expectations 

Final Deadline (rolling acceptance for submissions): February 21st

Special BEA2020 opportunity for graduate students only!
Join us at BEA2020 with your in-progress thesis, dissertation, or other fresh research.

Spring is the season for finishing theses and dissertations, as well as class research projects that miss fall BEA submission deadlines. To feature this work, BEA invites submissions for a unique digital poster session at the BEA2020 Annual Convention, April 18-21, 2020.  The digital poster session will take place on Tuesday, April 21.

We invite graduate students only to submit their research work for this competitive opportunity. The range of research perspectives and methodologies is wide open. Quality counts, creativity is welcome and significant effort must be demonstrated.

Email a PDF of your work to

FINAL DEADLINE (rolling acceptance): February 21, 2020
Your submission should include:
1. A separate cover page with:
– Title of Submission
– Your Name
– Your College/University
– Your Email address
– Faculty adviser name and email address

2. Your full submission in abstract form: Maximum length 500 words.
– This will be blind reviewed. Your name cannot appear in a header or in any other part of the abstract submission. It can only appear on the separate cover page.

GRADUATE STUDENT SUBMISSIONS ONLY! Ideal submissions include theses and dissertations near completion, or projects completed for advanced graduate coursework after the fall BEA submission deadlines. Graduate student authors of select projects will be invited to the BEA2020 Annual Convention April 18-21. The lead author will be expected to attend and present the work on Tuesday, April 21.