BEA2024 Faculty and Student Research-in-Progress 

BEA2024 Faculty and Student Research-in-Progress

Deadline: December 18th 

BEA’s Research Division invites faculty and students to submit research in progress to be considered for presentation and discussion at BEA’s annual convention April 13-16, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Research projects may focus on a wide range of topics as generally represented within BEA but should be at a stage in which feedback and suggestions are appropriate. A variety of perspectives as well as methodological approaches are welcome.  

FOR STUDENT SUBMISSIONS: Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit research.  Projects with faculty co-author(s) are eligible, but the first author must be a student.  

Submission Requirements: 

To submit your proposal online, visit the BEA2024 submission site by 12/18/23 and select either Faculty OR Student Research-in-Progress.  

Only the title of the paper should appear on the uploaded information and running heads of the abstract to allow for BLIND REVIEW. Your name and contact information will be provided via your online paper submission registration in the system. No cover page with this information is needed. 

  • Upload an extended abstract of no more than 3,000 words. Abstracts should include: 
  • Introduction 
  • Literature Review 
  • Research questions and/or hypotheses 
  • Proposed methodology 
  • Brief summary of expected results 
  • References 

Authors of top selected projects will be invited to present at the convention during a poster session and the lead author will be expected to present at BEA2024.   

The BEA2024 Convention Spotlight is….. Intentional Futures 
This spotlight continues our explorations and considerations of the roles each of us play in creating our futures, as individuals, media creators, teachers, scholars, citizens, and more.  It encourages to reflect and to act with intentionality when we approach and respond to the situations we encounter. Intentionality is valuable in all we do, whether crafting our syllabi, engaging with interviewees on a documentary or as research subjects, or determining how we’ll incorporate various technologies into our professional and personal lives. Especially now, with the mediated world continuing its radical trajectory of change, we need intentionality. How will we think about, enter into, and work within the metaverse?  How will we — as educators, researchers, content producers, consumers — engage with and study AI in all its rapidly evolving forms? How will we approach our work in/with media and various communication technologies to create a more just world, a world in which we fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion, and intentionally act to alleviate systemic injustices and disadvantages? These and other questions are of vital importance. Let’s consider them carefully, act with intentionality, and build the framework for a future we would want to pass on to future generations. 

Intentional Futures serves as a spotlight for the convention, but papers are not limited to this area of research.  Papers should be submitted to the division that best fits that division’s goals and objectives.  Each division selects up to four papers for BEA2024 presentation and additional papers may be selected for the Scholar-to-Scholar digital research (poster) session. 

Contact with questions.