BEA invites media related panel and program proposals from academics, students and professionals for presentation during BEA2022



 BEA2022, co-located with NAB Show, is a hybrid academic media convention with over 250 virtual and on-site sessions on media pedagogy, collaborative networking events, hands-on technology workshops, research and creative scholarship and the Festival of Media Arts.  As a hybrid event, BEA2022 will offer both virtual and in-person participation opportunities for presenters and attendees.  When you submit your panel, please let us know how you plan to attend.

Programming Opportunities (All sessions are one-hour in length)

  • Panel/Research Presentation Sessions: These are the standard interest division sponsored convention format sessions with a moderator, 3-4 presenters and, if desired, a respondent.
  • Workshops:  Workshops should involve specialized training and professional development.
  • Technical Demonstrations: Equipment or software manufacturer/vendors are invited to bring in the latest communication technology to demonstrate. Faculty who have worked with the technology are encouraged to talk about their experiences with the equipment/software in the classroom or lab.
  • Showcases: These sessions highlight student work in which faculty have been involved. Showcases are to be more “show” than “tell.”
  • Other ideas?  Contact us if you have other alternative innovative ideas for program sessions, such as off-site tours or technical training at and we would be happy to talk about them.

 Proposals & Programming

BEA’s Interest Divisions significantly shape the convention program.  Interest Division leaders review, evaluate and rank the proposals and forward the recommendations to the Convention Program Chair, Rebecca Ann Lind.  Rebecca can be contacted at

 Every effort will be made to give each division several invited panel sessions, a competitive paper session and a division social activity or event.  Interest Division business meetings will be held the week after the convention.  Program slots are competitive so if information is not provided in a complete and timely manner, those program slots may be assigned to other session proposals. Priority will be given to panels sponsored by more than one division.

The BEA2022 Convention Spotlight is….. Embracing the Future
This year’s convention spotlight continues the three-year exploration of a theme we began in 2021: Facing the Future (2021), Embracing the Future (2022), and Retracing the Future (2023). These spotlight topics can engage recursively with each other, invoking the past, present, and future. Embracing the Future in BEA2022 encourages us to look forward with purpose, intentionality, and optimism. How have the twin pandemics of Coronavirus and social injustice sparked creative solutions and opportunities? How have our instructional models and practices — as well as media industry models and practices — changed in ways we never anticipated? What do we want to preserve from both our traditional and our evolving practices, and what should be set aside? Importantly, what do we want to do/create/teach next? BEA2022 invites us to move forward by Embracing the Future. The future, after all, is ours to make. Educators and media professionals alike can work toward building a future that is exciting, healthy, just, and fulfilling for all.

 Embracing the Future serves as a spotlight for the convention, but program proposals are not limited to this area of research and presentation.  All sessions must adhere to the goals and objectives of the interest division(s) to which they are submitted (descriptions are listed on the submission site).

 LOGIN or CREATE an Account to Submit Panels & Program Submissions Online 

BEA Members can access the BEA2022 All Academic site with their BEA membership login and password.   If you know your BEA login information login to your All Academic account.  If you forgot your BEA membership password, click here to reset.  If you ARE NOT a BEA member, create an All Academic account by clicking here.


Submission Process

  • Submit a proposal: Click on the link for “Submit or a Paper or Program Proposal.”
  • Select a Division: Read the division descriptions and select the primary division to which you will submit your program.  Programs can have up to one (1) interest division co-sponsor.
  • Title/Abstract/Program Information: Follow the guidelines to submit the title & abstract and additional program information.
  • VIRTUAL vs. ON-SITE: Let us know if you prefer to present VIRTUALLY or ON-SITE.  If you are unsure at this time, you can specify on the form.
  • Review your information & submit: Don’t forget to review your information. If accepted, this is how it will appear in the program.  Please use proper title case for session names and spell check (PLEASE)!!!
  • Editing Abilities: You can edit and or re-submit the description and panelists until the system closes at 11:59 pm (local time) on September 20th.


Seeking Panels or Panelists Boards

BEA members have a variety of research and professional interests and expertise – and don’t always have the contacts needed to fill a panel or know who to talk to offer themselves as a panelist.  We encourage members to reach out and make new contacts for each convention by using the “Panelist Seeking Panels” and “Panels Seeking Panelists” boards in Facebook.  Please join the “BEA2022 Seeking Panels & Panelists Board” and post your panel idea to entice panelists or offer your area of expertise to a panel organizer.

 BEA’s Panel Participation Policy

In an effort to increase the diversity of content and representation at our convention, BEA asks that you limit the number of appearances you make during the convention.

  1. An individual may have only ONE appearance as a panelist during the convention.
  2. A person may have ADDITIONAL appearances as a panel moderator or respondent.
  3. A person may have UNLIMITED appearances as a presenter of competitive papers, Research-in-Progress, creative productions or other competitive sessions.

 To maximize opportunities for diverse participation, session organizers should seek:

  • Participants representing a mix of genders, ethnicity, institutional affiliations, and nationalities
  • Participants new to BEA and the convention as well as professionals in the industry.

 Division Chairs are to evaluate the eligibility of the participants in those proposals submitted to that division. The Program Chair shall determine participant eligibility across divisions once the proposals are submitted.


Co-Sponsored Panels

Co-sponsored proposals are encouraged. Co-sponsorship occurs when more than one division recommends a specific panel for inclusion in the program. No more than two (2) Interest Divisions will be listed for co-sponsorship on a particular session.  Panel producers must indicate each division being proposed as a co-sponsor on the “Review your submission information” page.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on the green link that says “Add a co-Sponsor.”

 Convention Attendance

Panel/program participants MUST register for the convention.  If you are a session organizer and/or moderator, please encourage panelists to register.  BEA’s registration site opens in early December.  If you have questions regarding the submission process, please email the appropriate Interest Division chair.

 Session Audio/Visual Capabilities

Take note that session rooms have internet availability, projectors, panel mics, screens and laptops ONLY.  If you have any other special AV requests (ie. handheld/lavalier mics, etc.) please let us know by January 31.

 COMPLETED Program Proposal Submissions must be submitted online through BEA’s submission site by 11:59 pm (local time) on September 20, 2021.


Questions?  Visit or email