BEA2018 Drone Workshop
What you need to pass the FAA’s drone test
Wednesday April 11 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm | Las Vegas Westgate

To purchase a $50 ticket to attend the Drone Workshop, select the it as an “add on” event in the BEA2018 registration site.

Instructor: Matt Waite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
If you’ve never dealt with aviation before, the FAA’s drone test can be a bit daunting. But with a study guide and someone to help with the rough parts, you can pass it and start your own drone program. There is an additional $50 fee for this course. This 1/2 day workshop will cover the following topics:
— Airspace
— Aviation weather
— Aspects of Part 107 that will affect you
— Aviation maps
— Other test taking strategies