Student News Competition

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Best of Festival Radio News: Peter Haden, Arizona State University; Bad Apps (Radio Hard News Reporting Category)

Best of Festival Television News: Shayne Dwyer, Arizona State University; Few Physicians are Handing Out the Majority of Pot Prescriptions (Television Hard News Reporting Category)

Best of Festival Television Newscast: Julian Hernandez, University of Florida; WUFT News at 6 (Television Newscast (Airing 4 or 5 days per week Category)

Radio Feature Reporting
1st Place:  Sarah Zahedi, University of Southern California; Me, My Dad and Marvin Gaye

2nd Place:  Denise Guerra, University of Southern California; Metal Recyclers Look for Big Cash-Ins

3rd Place:  Rosalie Murphy, University of Southern California; LA Bus Driver Sees All Sides of the City

Honorable Mention:  Peter Haden, Arizona State University; Race Fans Flock for the "Almost Crashes"

Radio Hard News Reporting
1st Place:  Jess Clark, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Ridesharing Apps Cause Concern for Local Taxi Companies

2nd Place:  Haddy Badjie, Western Kentucky University; Ferguson's Faithful Fighters

3rd Place:  Logan Heley, University of Southern California; Reactions from the City of Bell

Honorable Mention:  Molly Evans, University of Oklahoma; A New Kind of Classroom

Radio Newscast
1st Place:  Neil A. Carousso, Rich DeKorte, Dan Savarino & WRHU News Team, Hofstra University; WRHU-FM’s Newsline: Monday, October 27, 2014

2nd Place:  Melissa Friend & Christian Oberly, Rowan University; The Rowan Report

3rd Place:  Louis Fernandez, Zach Mayo & James Kaminsky, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Carolina Connection-Jan. 25, 2014

Honorable Mention:  Amanda N. Font, San Francisco State University; KSFS Newscast-Nov. 5, 2014

Television Feature
1st Place:  Jeremy Harris, Brigham Young University; Stuck Sailors

2nd Place:  Kristen Hwang, Kassandra Gonzalez & Jacob Tibi, Arizona State University; Thicker than Water

3rd Place:  Taylor Budge & Karsen Forsman, St. Cloud State University; Lighting the Heavens, One Last Time

Honorable Mention:  Susanna Black, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Swinging Footbridges

Honorable Mention:  Chelsea Eaton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; The Drone Journalism Debate

Television Hard News Reporting
1st Place (tie):  Jatara McGee & Joyce Koh, University of Maryland; DC Ferguson: Protestors Respond to Decision in Ferguson

1st Place (tie):  Marissa Parra, University of Maryland; Explosive Findings: Rosedale Train Derailment

2nd Place:  Jamie Warren, Arizona State University; New Bike Share Offers Green Way to Get Around Phoenix

3rd Place:  Justin Ashby, Brigham Young University; Utah Underemployment

Honorable Mention*: Emani Payne, Northern Arizona University; Emani Payne Ebola Potentially Reaches Arizona

Television News Anchor
1st Place:  Analise Ortiz, Arizona State University; Analise Ortiz-Television Anchor

2nd Place:  Clayton Cummins, Central Michigan University; Clayton Cummins Anchor Montage

3rd Place:  Megan Thompson, Arizona State University; Megan Thompson-Television Anchor

Honorable Mention: Scott Allen Martin, University of Central Oklahoma; News Anchoring

Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less)
1st Place:  Emilio Ramos, Michael Wiener & Lyanne Valdez, St. Cloud State University; UTVS News En Espanol

2nd Place:  Cory Sanchez, West Virginia University; WVU News "Special Edition"-All Things Social Media

3rd Place:  Mahkia Clark, Mackenzie Enich, Cole Havens & Jenna Heberden, University of Montana; UM News

Honorable Mention: Amy Leigh Ellmers, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Carolina Week-Dec. 3, 2014

Television Newscast (airing 4 or 5 days per week)
1st Place:  Elizabeth Burda, Danielle Maroney, Taylor Budge & Colette Jackson, St. Cloud State University; UTVS News-Nov. 24, 2014

2nd Place:  Sarah Brown, University of Arkansas; Tornadoes Devastate Central Arkansas

3rd Place:  Lauren King, Madeline Stebbins & Olivia McKennon, University of Oklahoma; OU Nightly

Honorable Mention: Miriam Cresswell, Sudu Upadhyay, Bailey Braseth & Houston Brock, University of Mississippi; Newswatch 99-4/29/14

TV Weathercaster
1st Place:  Sean Bellafiore, University of Florida; A Spooky Cold Halloween in North Florida-Sean Bellafiore

2nd Place:  John Mayer, Mississippi State University; WJTV Weathercast 12/14/2014

3rd Place:  Alena Lee, Arizona State University; Alena Lee Weather

Honorable Mention: Spinks Megginson, University of Alabama; WVUA News at 10pm Forecast-Spinks Megginson