Faculty Video Competition

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Best of Festival:
John C.P. Goheen, Loyola University Chicago; Poverty to Prosperity (Promotional Category)

Commercial or PSA
Best of Competition: Marc Ruiz, Wayne State University; Chase

Educational / Instructional
Best of Competition: Kelly Davis & Elisabeth Cavallaro, Appalachian State University; Asking the Question

Mixed Video
Best of Competition: Scott Hodgson & Janelle Barrick University of Oklahoma; It's the Music

Award of Excellence: Dean Yamada, Biola University; CICADA

Award of Excellence: Diane Guerrazzi & Hannah Gaber, San Jose State University; Opening Oman

Narrative Video
Best of Competition: Maria Sanders & Michael R. Ogden, Central Washington University; Jessica Walking

Award of Excellence: Kyle W Bergersen, University of Oklahoma; Welcome to My World of Compromise

Promotional Video
Award of Excellence: Randall E. King, Indiana Wesleyan University; Marion, Indiana: A Stellar Community

Award of Excellence: Jonathan Olshefski, Rowan University; DePaul USA: We Believe In You

Award of Excellence: Tim Sorel, University of Florida; STOP Children's Cancer Foundation Video