Student Documentary Competition

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Best of Festival: Park Production, Ithaca College; Water in the Cloud Forest  (Short Form Video or Film Documentary)

Short Form Video or Film Documentary
1st Place:  Max Maddox, Asger Ladefoged, Jarod Taber & Ben Mitchell, San Francisco State University; Taxi 2.0

2nd Place:  Richard Adams, Amber Bradford, Justin Carroll & Bung Nan, Middle Tennessee State University; Le Debut

3rd Place:  Miriam Ward, Maxwell Reide, Steven Sirianni, Allaura Pagano & Alexandria Fontanez, SUNY New Paltz; The Superman Letters

4th Place:  Hunter Brothers & Kristin Kohlmeyer, University of Oklahoma; Thirty

Honorary Mention: Matthew J. Grcic, Loyola University Chicago; Discovering the truth with Tanner DeMita

Honorary Mention: Vianka Villa, Edward Hernandez, Chris Smith, Aidan Cooney, Arizona State University; Garden City

Honorary Mention: Brian Binder, Brian Mezerski & Amory Parks, Elon University; forte - documentary

Honorary Mention: Kristen Hwang, Kassandra Gonzalez & Jacob Tibi, Arizona State University; Thicker Than Water

Honorary Mention: Alex Glass, Dani Thompson, Alanna Delfino, Amanda Salvucci, Ben Susman, Shannon Clash, Kara Dixon, Steph Martinez & Taylor Lewis, University of Maryland; Viewfinder: Overcoming Obstacles

Honorary Mention: Marley McDonald, Dan McNew, Abby Rigglemanc & Art Pekun, James Madison University; Won't Pipe Down

Honorary Mention: Ryan Greene, Evan McGillivray, Brian Mezerski & Matthew Mintzer, Elon University; ELN: Behind the Scenes - Election

Honorary Mention: Jacqueline Eaton & Djoeke Roorda, Mount Royal University; Theater on the Rails

Long Form Video or Film Documentary
1st Place:  Stefica Nicol Bikes, The University of Technology, Sydney Australia; Dyeing China

2nd Place:  Olivia Ash, Amanda Brasgalla & Taylor Lunka, Pacific Lutheran University; Waste Not: Breaking Down the Food Equation

3rd Place:  Mauricio Casillas, Carolina Marquez & Cammeron Neely, Arizona State University; Until the Southern Border is Secure

4th Place:  Diane Hodson & Jasmine Luoma, Wake Forest University; unmappable

Honorary Mention: Alex Lancial, Arizona State University; Breaking the Spectrum

Honorary Mention: Dustin Askim, Conor Ballantyne, Max Barnum, Eric Clements, Jess Field, Shane Gillette, Sergio Gonzalez, Keith McGlothlin, Hunter Meek, Matt Miller, Evan Rau & Lauren Robinson, University of Montana; Distracted: Eyes off the Road

Honorary Mention: Tiffany King, University of Arkansas; Paws in Prison

Honorary Mention: Scott Ramsey, Kisa Clark, University of Arkansas; Courageous Journey: The Story of Dr. Jocyelyn Elders

Honorary Mention: Eric Juth, Michele Ferris-Dobles, Wake Forest University; Ghosts of Johnston County

Honorary Mention: Kate Walker, University of Montana; The Missouri Compromised

Honorary Mention: Erik Yde O'Brien, Laura Kattelman, University of Utah; Magna: An American Story

Honorary Mention: Daniel Henkey, Alyssa Becker, University of Arkansas; Tapping the Ozarks: A Story About Beer