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Multilingual, Multicultural, Migrant & Diasporic Radio, Audio and Podcasting
Call for Papers – Journal of Radio & Audio Media Symposium I Editor: Anne F. Maclennan and Masudul Biswas

Deadline: August 1, 2022

Radio connects communities regionally, nationally, and transnationally. Multilingual, multicultural, migrant & diasporic radio, audio, and podcasting connect communities within larger communities crossing boundaries and barriers. This call for papers for a symposium in the May 2023 issue of the Journal of Radio & Audio Media.

We invite submission of research on the roles of multicultural, multilingual, migrant, and diasporic radio stations audio and podcasting in a multicultural society. The scope of research can be geared towards the community radio stations that serve immigrant, refugee, ethnic minority, or diasporic communities. Research on how mainstream radio stations incorporating multi-lingual programming to reach a wide range of audiences as well as diasporic podcasting and audio can fall within the purview of this special edition.

Hence, papers dealing with the following topics will be highly appreciated (non­ exhaustive list):
-Multilingual radio, audio and podcasting
-Multicultural radio Migrant radio Diasporic radio
-Radio, audio, and podcasting national identities
-Radio audio, and podcasting – ethnicity. and race
-Multilingual and multicultural music on radio
-Migrant radio programming
-Diasporic audio and community
-Diasporic radio programming audience
-Performing culture on radio, in audio, or in podcasts
-Diasporic podcasting and the audience or community
-Minorities and representation on radio, in audio, and on podcasts

The topics above are just suggestions. We welcome submissions that explore other aspects of Multilingual, Multicultural, Migrant & Diasporic Radio, Audio, and Podcasting.. Submissions for this symposium are due by August 1, 2022, expressions of interest prior to submission are appreciated but not required (Anne MacLennan and/or Masudul Biswas Multilingual, Multicultural, Migrant & Diasporic Radio, Audio, and Podcasting in the subject line). Submitted manuscripts undergo a blind peer review.

Manuscripts should be submitted through Manuscript Central link on or Documents prepared in Microsoft Word are preferred and should APA for style and citation. Manuscripts should not exceed 6500 words and should include an abstract of no more than 100 words. In addition to the manuscript with no reference to the author(s), the author(s) should include a separate attachment with contact information. Please fill in the manuscript information as directed on the site.

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