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Welcome to BEA’s latest endeavor “BEA Pop-Ups.”  BEA Pop-Ups are a series of seminars and events, typically one-hour in length, to help members navigate the uncertainties in the changing academic world.  Pop-Up registration is complimentary to all BEA individual members.  Keep checking back to see the latest schedule of upcoming seminars and events.

Zoom access information will be sent to all registered attendees the morning of the Pop-Up event.


Pop-Up: Pre-BEA Festival of Media Arts Panel Discussion: Award-Winning Student Audio: How They Did It
Wednesday, August 12 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Produced by the Radio & Audio Media Division
In this BEA Pop-Up, we’ll get insights from the BEA 2020 Festival of Media Arts Student Audio Winners. We’ll learn about their award-winning audio projects from concept to completion and perhaps, we’ll get to listen to some bits as well.
Co-hosts/moderators: Kim Fox, American University in Cairo and Jeffery Schiffman, York College of PA
Panelists: Nour El-Tobgy, Best of Festival Student Audio Winner
Habiba Sallam, Specialty program award winner
Dylan Simard, Educational program award winner
Lexi Hargesheimer, Promo, PSA and commercial award winner

BEA Pop-Up: Mic Techniques for Online Instructors
Monday, August 10 | 3:00 – 4:00 pm ET
This presentation will cover:
-How to achieve better audio for online as well as hybrid teaching
-Selecting a good microphone for the instructor
-Including audio from face-to-face students
-Connecting external mics to your computer
Presented by: Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD
Meeting Recording:
Access Password: 5Sj9W1s@


BEA Pop-up: Rethinking Lab and Equipment Room Safety for Fall Classes
Wednesday, June 3 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW
As many schools prepare for reopening to on campus classes in the fall, media departments are grappling with new procedures for safely using classrooms, labs and equipment.  Join us for this virtual BEA Pop-Up session as panelists will discuss operating procedures they are developing to reopen shared media spaces and handle equipment checkouts as safely as possible.  

BEA Pop-Up: Racial Injustice: A Necessary Conversation

Thursday, June 4 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW

we invite all media educators to join us for another BEA Pop-Up: Racial Injustice: A Necessary Conversation. We hope this open dialog can help us navigate our return to the classroom and help us focus on building racial justice and taking action that makes a difference. The goal of the session is to walk away with a better sense of how to talk to our students and colleagues about issues related to racial injustice; how to facilitate change in the classroom, in our student media and in our campus communities; and compile a thorough resource list to disseminate freely

BEA Pop-Up: Teaching Online

Wednesday, June 17 | 1:00 – 4:30 pm ET
A three-part BEA Pop-Up series dedicated to Teaching Online.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART I | Pan-Academic Part II – The Showcase: BEA’s international district will showcase some of the results of their Spring semester’s ‘emergency remote teaching.’ We’ll hear from students and faculty who will share the intricate details of how they produced quality multimedia content while on lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.
Panelists: Kim Fox, American University in Cairo
Deborah Wilson David, Nottingham Trent University
Naila Hamdy, American University in Cairo
Andrew David, University of Lincoln & Siren FM
Journalism Students from the American University in Cairo

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART IICreating Video Tutorials and Online Lectures for Asynchronous Teaching and Learning: This session will explore best practices and offer practical tips for pre-producing video content designed specifically for remote online learning or flipped classroom instruction.
Panelists:  Brandon Booker, Elon University
Vic Costello, Elon University
Candace Egan, Fresno State
Youssef Osman, Elon University

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART III | IGNITE: Teaching Online: We are sharing innovative virtual teaching ideas in response to the virtual “COVID-19” environment.  Following the traditional “ignite” format, presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides to share their passionate teaching idea.
Moderator: Michael Bruce, University of Alabama
Panelists: Chad Roberts, Stockton University; Podcasting Project During a Pandemic
Roxane Coche, University of Florida; Introducing Video Production Concepts in a Remote Sports Media Class
Jason Guthrie, Clayton State University; Podcasting Online


BEA Pop-Up: Ask the Experts: How to Produce Quality Audio During a Crisis

Wednesday, July 29 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Produced by the Radio & Audio Media Division
As media educators grapple with decisions related to teaching in the fall, one thing that doesn’t change is that we are preparing them to be media practitioners. As such, what should we be teaching students about media production in this current environment? For this BEA Pop-Up, we’ll ask the experts and focus on obtaining and producing quality audio in the time of COVID-19.
Co-hosts/moderators: Andy Curran, University of Cincinnati-Clermont College and Kyle Miller, University of South Dakota



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