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News Division

The News Division’s goals are to provide the scholar, the media practitioner and the citizen with a better understanding of the role and functions of the broadcast journalist in a free society. They seek to improve communication and understanding among working professionals, scholars and the public concerning broadcast journalism. These goals are achieved through sponsorship and encouragement of scholarly teaching and inquiry in the areas of radio and television journalism and through support of teaching and public service activities supporting free expression as stated by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


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Julian M. Rodriguez | Chair
University of Texas-Arlington

Iveta Imre | Vice Chair, Panels
University of Mississippi

Carey Higgins-Dobney | Vice Chair, Papers 
California State University, Fresno

Keren Henderson | Vice Chair, Communication 
Syracuse University 


Festival Leadership

Chandra Clark | Senior Competition Chair
University of Alabama

Danielle Deavours | Student Festival (Radio Chair)
University of Alabama

Donna Smith | Student Festival (Hard News)
Northern Vermont University-Lyndon

Grace Provenzano | Student Festival (TV Anchor)
Iowa State University

Heather Dunn | Student Festival (TV Weather)
Arizona State University

James Schiffman | Student Festival (TV Feature Co-Chair)
Georgia College & State University

Christine Eschenfelder | Student Festival (TV Feature Co-Chair)
Middle Tennessee State University

Laura Smith | Student Festival (TV Newscast, 3 days or less)
University of South Carolina

Michelle McHugh | Student Festival (TV Newscast, 4 days or more)
Drexel University

Meaghan Meachem | Student Festival (News Magazine)
Northern Vermont University

Katherine Hughes | Faculty Festival (News)
Elizabethtown College