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I am excited to welcome the opportunity to run for BEA District 2 Representative! I have been involved with BEA in the writing division since 2012, working my way up from member of the division to Writing Division Chair. Aside from my ongoing current responsibilities, I have been an active participant on more than a dozen panels as either panelist or moderator, and I have
won four awards in creative competitions. In 2015 and 2017 I published articles in JoME that were well received both within BEA and the academic community, and my students have entered and won awards at our festivals. Needless to say, I value what BEA has to offer as an international academic media organization that strives to develop awareness for excellence in media production and career advancement for educators. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the interactions and developments that occur at the national and regional conferences every year and I would love the opportunity to be a more active participant by serving in an even larger leadership position as District 2 Representative.

Currently, I am the Program Coordinator and an Associate Professor of Video and Film Production at Middle Tennessee State University. I teach courses in screenwriting, producing, editing, and single-camera and multi-camera production. My professional interests include study abroad, VR, and documentary filmmaking. My short films have won numerous regional awards and have had several national and international screenings. In 2014-15 I was awarded fellowships by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The International Radio and Television Society, and The National Association of Television Producers and Executives. I have taught in both general media programs that include broadcast news, sports reporting, and social media, and also specific programs for filmmaking and creative writing. I would bring the knowledge I have gained to my new position should I be fortunate enough to serve as the new District 2 Representative. Over my career, I have worked mainly in the Southeast, first as a professional in the Atlanta film industry from 2004-2011, and then as an educator in Georgia and Tennessee. I feel that my ties to this region best match the needs that all of us in this district have in common and I would bring to my new role the desire to explore and recognize new initiatives and collaboration among us.

I have several fresh ideas and goals that I would like to propose should I be elected the new District 2 Representative. For one, I would like to find new and innovative ways to solicit deeper feedback on our regional seminars, events, and activities. I find it crucial to procure input on our policy issues and initiatives from the many members that make up our region. I would also like to contribute to BEA activities and meetings through more active outreach and participation in strategic planning and board developments. Specifically, I would like to accomplish better advocacy from our partner institutions about their concerns regarding issues pertinent to both the BEA Board of Directors and our Interest Division Representatives. Lastly, I would like to increase participation by improving recruitment strategies because, at this critical time of an ever-changing academia, it is imperative that more voices are heard so we can further our mission and contribute to the ongoing development of BEA and its mission.

In closing, I believe I bring a common-sense approach to serving BEA and I believe I can make a significant contribution to future developments specific to our district. I promise to serve with integrity, accountability, and respect should you elect me as the new District 2 Representative, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future!