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I am extremely excited and honored to be nominated as Board of Director’s District 2 Representative. I have been an active, and I say active, BEA member and participant since 2007 where I was fortunate, through the years, to obtain nominations and positions in various roles. These roles included Sports Division Vice-Chair & Chair, Festival of Media Arts Faculty Sports Division chair for numerous years, I recently obtained Student Video Awards Co-Chair, and most notably the 2015 Program Convention Chair which was a fantastic undertaking and experience. I consistently have been privileged to have and have had accepted panel submissions and invitations as a panelist and moderator every year since I began. That also includes my devotion to attend and present, in any which way I could to get there, regional conferences which, as we know, has grown to our now super-regional. I also was honored to host the 2013 regional right at my campus at Lynn University, where a hardy assembly of my district group attended, participated, and presented.

I have been to all of the annual district meetings and have been enthralled with the leadership of past representatives Augie Grant and Vic Costello. I have watched their leadership and believe strongly I have learned from the best. Our District 2 is very close knit and the BEA experience on a whole is an extended family involvement.

I maintain relationships with many South Florida market professionals, from our affiliate news stations, to major league sports arena and venue production facility personnel and management. I include BEA as a mantra to these relationships, where I can help obtain guest panelists and keynote speakers. I can help expedite hosting super-regional conferences as our district has been continuously dedicated and active year after year, so we can keep up our momentum.

I have developed a relationship with the President and Vice-President of the Florida Association of Broadcasters (FAB) and can help members network with their state association reps. I have taught at a variety of South Florida colleges and visited colleges and universities in other parts of Florida and will have no problem calling old colleagues and recruiting involvement with BEA. I was also a Curriculum Consultant for a high school “across the board” program for film and television, and would like to help see more growth with our neighboring high school communications teachers to help expand our growth.

Teaching all aspects of television and media courses has been a primary part of my life along with professional experience in video and radio. I have taught television studio production, electronic and digital field production, lighting, editing, scriptwriting, programming, and management and a variety of other courses as mentioned, in various colleges and universities, and through my 19 years here at Lynn University have helped build a specialization in broadcasting, and maintained positions as Broadcasting Coordinator, Chair of the Radio, Television, and Internet Media Bachelor’s Degree program, and I am currently the Curriculum Coordinator of the Film and Television program. We can learn more about each other at the 2018 convention!

In conclusion, I once again express my appreciation for the opportunity to run as District 2 Representative. BEA will be a major part of my life for many years to come.