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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The BEA D&I committee seeks to promote research and creative work that addresses issues of diversity and inclusion in areas of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, country of origin, political affiliation, veteran status, field of research, socioeconomic status, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The D&I committee also works to provide resources for its members interested in diversity and inclusion. Click here to see a list of links and resources.  

The Diversity & Inclusion Awards

The Diversity & Inclusion Research Award recognizes a research paper that contributes to the academic knowledge in the field of diversity in media content, the media professions, or the teaching of diversity topics or to diverse populations. Papers are selected from research that has been accepted in one of the BEA convention scholarly research/paper competitions.  

If your paper qualifies as a candidate for the award, when you submit the title and abstract of your paper to the appropriate interest division, answer “YES” to the question: “Would you like your paper to be considered for the Diversity & Inclusion Paper Award? 
For more information and submission information on BEA’s convention paper competitions, click here.

The Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award recognizes creative works that diversify media content by telling stories that often don’t find a place in the media universe. Creative works are selected from entries accepted by one of the BEA Festival of Media Arts Competitions.

The Diversity & Inclusion Research Award Winners

2022 Diversity & Inclusion Research Award: Guy Harrison, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Denetra Walker, University of South Carolina & Charli Kerns, Knox County Schools; Compose Yourself…Like Michelle or Oprah: 2020’s Impact on the Social Identity of Black Women Newscasters

2021 Diversity & Inclusion Research Award: Holly Cowart, Georgia Southern University, Ginger Blackstone, Harding University and Jeffrey Kyle Riley, Georgia Southern University; Framing a Movement: Media Portrayals of the George Floyd Protests on Twitter

2019 Diversity & Inclusion Research Award: Kim Fox, American University in Cairo; David Dowling, University of Iowa; Kyle Miller, Northwest Missouri State University; A Curriculum for Blackness: Podcasts as Discursive Cultural Guides

2018 Diversity & Inclusion Research Award: Xiaomeng Li, Ohio University; Changing Destiny or Commercializing
Singlehood—A Critical Discourse Analysis of SK-II’s Advertisement on “Leftover Women”

2017 Diversity & Inclusion Research Award: Leigh Moscowitz, University of South Carolina; Andrew C. Billings, University of Alabama; Khadija Ejaz, University of South Carolina & Jane O’Boyle, University of South Carolina; The Final Hurdle in Team Sports?: Framing Jason Collins’s and Michael Sam’s Coming Out Stories in Broadcast and Online

The Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award Winners

2022 Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award: Geri Alumit Zeldes, Jason Howard, Evan Kutz & Faye Kollig, Michigan State University; Brenda’s Story: Undocumented to Documented
2022 Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award of Excellence: Erica Pulley, San Francisco State University; Asian Law Alliance: Trang & Hanh’s Story

2021 Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award: Tom Neff, Shelley Hay, Barry Rubinow, Paul Chilsen & Richard Lewis, Middle Tennessee State University; Mr. Temple and the Tigerbelles

2019 Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award: Kim Fox & Sarah Hassan, The American University in Cairo; Ramadan Across Social Classes in Cairo

2018 Diversity & Inclusion Creative Award: John J. Valadez & Carleen L. Hsu, Michigan State University; The Head of
Joaquin Murrieta (Documentary Competition)

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Chair: Jennifer Meadows, California State University, Chico

George Daniels, University of Alabama

Danielle Deavours, Samford University

Guy Harrison, University of Tennessee

Philip Powell, Trinity Christian College

Lakshmi Tirumala, Drake University

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