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2023 BEA Textbook Award: The 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Media Professionals by Roger Cooper, Ohio University 

The 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Media Professionals (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021) by Roger Cooper, Ohio University has been selected for the 2023 BEA Textbook Award.

The 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Media Professionals shows young and aspiring professionals that while personal attributes are essential to success, building these soft skills is a dynamic process that offers ample opportunities for personal and professional development. This book presents key attributes as a system of qualities that, when applied and considered together, add synergistic benefits toward career success. The book combines examples from successful media professionals with “tips” and exercises to foster readers’ development of attributes that will prove timeless and relevant regardless of an individual’s experience level or the inevitable changes in business practices and technology.

Roger Cooper’s current work focuses on the personality attributes that lead to success in media and creative professions. His book, 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Media Professionals: How to Navigate Your Road to Success, was published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2019. He also published research involving cross-platform media behaviors with Tang Tang (an Ohio U. Ph.D. graduate) in recent issues of Mass Communication and Society, International Journal of Sport Communication, and Journal of Sports Media. Roger’s publications also include Communication Theory, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journalism Educator, Journal of Media Education, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, and Media Management Review.

Roger has been Director of the OHIO-in-LA Program since its inception in 2014. He teaches classes in Los Angeles, facilitates relationships and excursions, and oversees internships for 20+ students in LA during the Fall semester and Summer term. He teaches The Business of Media and Mass Communication Theory each Spring semester at OU.

The BEA Textbook Award was established in 2020 to recognize an outstanding textbook written by a BEA member(s) in the field of broadcasting and mass communication. Each year the recipient will be recognized at BEA’s annual convention in Las Vegas.

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