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Congratulations to the BEA 2022-23 Scholarship Recipients!

Ten students from five different campuses were awarded scholarships in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2022-2023 competition.  The winners were selected by the BEA Scholarship Committee at its November 29 virtual meeting announced Pete Orlik, committee chair. BEA scholarships are awarded to outstanding students for study on campuses that are institutional members of the organization. They include:

Abe Voron Scholarship – Sponsored by the Abe Voron Committee
Tanvir Kaur,
Illinois State University
Tanvir is from California but moved and has been living in Illinois since 2018. She is attending Illinois State University majoring in Mass Media – Management, Promotions, and Sales, with a minor in Film Studies. She hopes to gain knowledge and experience that would help her in the professional world of producers and managers in film, music, and radio. Tanvir has always enjoyed the creative worlds that film and music can produce. The act of transporting someone from their reality to a world beyond their control and grasp has always interested her. Tanvir loves watching, reading, and/or listening to stories that can enchant her, and she wants to be able to write and produce those stories in the future.


Abe Voron Scholarship – Sponsored by the Abe Voron Committee
Amber Kuhn, Illinois State University

Amber Kuhn is from Sterling, IL. Amber currently is a journalism major and continues to explore the world of broadcast media. Amber feels confident in her goal to pursue a career in the radio industry. With her growing experience and expertise in social media and working with various departments at Illinois State’s WZND has taught her how the inner workings of a radio station function, giving insight that she wants to transfer to the airwaves. Amber loves the personal nature of radio; whether with clients or listeners, the radio industry is an amazing way to communicate and interact with the community which is why she wants to be a contributing member to its future.


Abe Voron Scholarship – Sponsored by the Abe Voron Committee
Amelia Turnbull,
Goshen College
Amelia Turnbull is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Amelia is a  sophomore at Goshen College, where she is studying broadcasting and music. In the future, her goal is to become a morning TV news reporter. Amelia enjoys playing her bassoon, reading, painting, making news packages, and being on the radio.



BEA Founders Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA
Alexandra (Lexi) Esterle, Ball State University

Lexi Esterle is a Junior Telecommunications and Journalism student at Ball State University. She grew up in Fishers, Indiana. As a kid watching the news with her family was something she always looked forward to. Today, Lexi is working towards a career in Television News Producing. She would like to write and produce broadcast content for a national media organization in the future. Outside of the newsroom, Lexi enjoys glassblowing and baking. Lexi’s favorite thing about broadcast media is the ability to share stories that impact community members. She is excited to join an industry that can make such a difference in the lives of so many people.


BEA Founders Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA
Jackson Steinmetz,
Goshen College
Jackson Steinmetz is a film production and communication major from Bluffton, Ohio. Jackson is a student at Goshen College, and in addition to his majors, he is pursuing minors in Spanish and graphic design. Jackson is really interested in documentary storytelling, running, and photography. Jackson runs for Goshen’s cross-country and track teams and he loves to take pictures at their events. Jackson’s dream career is one where he can use his skills in videography, photography, design, and writing all at once as a multimedia specialist for a small company.



Edwards O. Fritts Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA
Andrew Willett, Ball State University

Andrew Willett is a  graduate of Monrovia High School from Monrovia, Indiana. Andrew is studying Telecommunications Sports Production at Ball State University. Andrew is most interested in sports broadcasting and creative storytelling. Andrew’s hobbies include cooking and baking, distance running, and watching/playing/talking about sports. Andrew’s goal is to broadcast and work for a WNBA team and the Boston Celtics.



John Bayliss Award – Sponsored by the John Bayliss Foundation
Fletcher Peterson, Illinois State University

Fletcher Peterson is a sophomore at Illinois State University studying journalism. Fletcher hails from Wheaton, Illinois, and grew up listening to WBEZ in Chicago.  It has been a lifelong dream of Fletcher’s to be a reporter or host for a big-city NPR station. When not behind the mic at WZND, Fletcher loves to sing and bake.



Peter B. Orlik Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA
Dante Stanton, Goshen College

Dante Stanton is currently attending Goshen College majoring in Broadcasting. Dante’s hobbies include playing the guitar, involving himself in sports and music, and running.



Richard Eaton Foundation Scholarship – Sponsored by the Richard Eaton Foundation
Jacquelyn Chin, Ithaca College

Jacquelyn Chin (she/her) is an Honors student majoring in Cinema Production at Ithaca College in the Roy H. Park School of Communications with minors in Audio Production and Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media. She is a Staten Island native and when she’s not working on film projects, she loves reading, knitting, and watching movies with friends. She hopes to produce for film and television in the future. In the 2022 spring semester, she will be an Animation Production Intern for Dreamworks Animation.



Vincent Wasilewski Scholarship – Sponsored by Patrick Communications, LLC
Taylor Potter, University of Georgia

Taylor Potter is from Acworth, Georgia and recently graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Film Studies and Entertainment and Media Studies. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Narrative Media Writing at UGA. When she’s not writing, she’s interning at Universal Content Productions in the Current Series and Development division and figuring out what new streaming subscription she needs to enjoy the latest TV shows. Taylor aspires to be a TV writer and producer with the hopes of one day running a show of her own creation.