Portable Recording Studio

By Cambrie Eckert

At the Annual BEA 2022 Convention and NAB Show in Las Vegas, Vetrospace showcased their portable recording studio. They call these their “office pods,” which can provide users with a comfortable virtual space for an ideal working environment.

Exhibitor Simo Lahtinen explained how their office pods are considered healthy and productive.

“It’s a single-user studio in a healthy, productive environment,” Lahtinen said. “It’s actually a COVID-proof space. We have blue light that is killing the microbes, we have air conditioning, we have studio lighting, studio-level cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.”

In one of Vetrospace’s office pods, purified air gets ventilated regularly to help keep the air fresh and cool, and is fitted with temperature regulation, photon disinfection light, noise-cancelling technology and more.

The photon disinfection light technology works to kill microbes, harmful particles and viruses, like COVID-19, making the studio COVID-proof and safe for its users.

In Lahtinen’s opinion, the temperature regulation and noise-cancelling technology in their office pods are two of the most popular features.

“It’s loud and getting hot out there, but in this portable studio, it is very cool and quiet. You could work for 24-hours here if needed,” Lahtinen said.

Fitted with all-over green screen, studio-level cameras, microphones and more, broadcasting services could use this portable recording studio to put a news anchor in any virtual space available at their fingertips. A simple click of the button, and their anchor could be broadcasting from the jungle, or perhaps even space.

With a studio that regulates fresh air, has noise-cancelling technology, temperature control and microbe-killing overhead lights, users can work in a stress-free, safe and productive environment.

“We want people to come into our streaming space to see how clean it is, how the air is and how productive it can be for their broadcasting services,” Lahtinen said.