#BEAVirtualVegas FAQ

Just a reminder…..All #BEAVirtualVegas live sessions take place during the Eastern US Time Zone.

What is #BEAVirtualVegas?
#BEAVirtualVegas is an online BEA convention experience.  It’s a blend of live and pre-recorded sessions and content created from BEA2020 accepted panels and presentations, traditional research, digital poster sessions and creative scholarship.

What is the theme for #BEAVirtualVegas?
Thanks to the brilliant planning of our 2020 Convention Program Chair, Lisa Pecot-Hébert, University of Southern California, our 2020 Convention Spotlight remains….. Foresight is 20/20: Reimagining Media.  This spotlight has taken on an entire new meaning in the past month.  The media landscape has been in flux for some time and for many practitioners and academics this flux has initiated curricular adjustments and industry changes. This year’s spotlight is intended to consider the ways educators and industry professionals navigate the contemporary media delivery ecosystem while anticipating trends, technology and changing business models.   

When does it take place?
#BEAVirtualVegas kicks-off on Friday, April 17th at 3:00 pm ET with a welcome from BEA President Tony DeMars, Texas A&M-Commerce and a “state of BEA” from BEA’s executive director, Heather Birks.  BEA’s district meetings will follow.  Pre-recorded sessions will be shared through the online platform and live sessions and business meetings will take place from Monday, April 20 through Friday, April 24.  All live sessions will be recorded so they can be viewed on-demand.  #BEAVirtualVegas will continue to be available to all BEA members at no cost.

What is the registration fee to participate as a presenter or attendee?
There is no registration fee to participate in #BEAVirtualVegas as a presenter or an attendee.   You must be an individual faculty, professional, emeritus or student member to participate or to “attend.” Participating in any form is complimentary to BEA members. 

How to I join BEA so I can participate in #BEAVirtualVegas?
Once again, all individual BEA members can participate.  Please click here to join or renew membership.  Once you renew or join, we will send you a unique code to access the #BEAVirtualVegas platform.  Please email help@BEAweb.org if you have any questions.

How do I request a refund for my BEA2020 registration?
BEA’s registration partner, Experient, sent an email to all registered attendees.   The email offers options to donate your money to BEA’s General Fund, a Scholarship Fund, or receive a full refund.  Experient is automatically refunding all spouse/guest and student registrations.  If you did not receive an email, please email help@BEAweb.org

 Why are there live AND pre-recorded sessions?
We decided to offer our members the opportunity to produce pre-recorded presentations knowing that daily lives and regular routines have been disrupted as a result of COVID-19.  With BEA’s virtual convention, moderators, panelists, paper and digital poster presenters can create their content on their own time. We also knew it would be important for #BEAVirtualVegas “attendees” to have the ability to watch the content in an on-demand environment.  Special industry speakers, Interest Division Business Meetings, District Meetings and some networking events will be live. 

When I look at the online #BEAVirtualVegas platform, how can I tell which sessions are live and which are pre-recorded?
Any session that takes place live will be listed with the words “Live Session” preceding the session title.  Live sessions will also be listed under the menu option “Live Sessions.”  In order to keep some order to our online platform, all pre-recorded sessions that are being presented at #BEAVirtualVegas will be listed in their original time slot with “pre-recorded” at the end of the session title.  In addition, all pre-recorded sessions will be listed under the menu item “On-Demand Content.” 

How can I participate in #BEAVirtualVegas as a presenter?
We have been reaching out to panels and papers that were accepted for presentation at BEA2020.   We have been asking presenters to send in pre-recorded individual or group presentations (example: pre-recorded Zoom conversations).  A few members have also reached out to produce networking and focused “topic talk” conversational sessions.  If you are interested in participating, please email heather@beaweb.org.  If you have a presentation to upload, please click here to access the upload form.  Please upload by Wednesday, April 15th.

How can I participate as a Research Symposium Presenter?
Research Symposium presenters can also submit pre-recorded presentations to #BEAVirtualVegas.  Please use the form located here.

 What should I do if I am a BEA Interest Division paper winner?
 If your paper won a monetary prize, your primary author will receive an award check if they are presenting their paper.  We will reach out for the best mailing address.

Paper presenters may submit pre-recorded presentations to be part of #BEAVirtualVegas.  To see an example, please view a pre-recorded presentation from Ryan Rogers, Butler University, the 1st Place Open winner for the Sports Division.  The sessions can include voice over PowerPoint presentations (like Ryan’s), or a Zoom video of you sharing your presentation.  The content you provide us will be uploaded into our online convention platform where it will be linked to the session and to your individual record.  Attendees will be free to consume your information on-demand and send questions through the platform.  However, some divisions have opted for a live paper session.  The History Division decided to present a live paper session.  Please click here to see the History Division paper session.  Please upload the presentation by Wednesday, April 15th.

What do I do if I want to withdraw my paper?
We consulted with other academic media associations to see if they might consider lifting, for 2020, the stipulation that you cannot submit papers previously accepted and slated for presentation at other conventions.  They decided that papers may only be submitted to their paper competitions if the paper has officially been withdrawn from other conferences and not presented in any format.  Please email heather@BEAweb.org if you want to officially withdraw your paper from #BEAVirtualVegas.

What should I do if I am presenting a Digital Poster Presentation or Research-in-Progress Digital Poster?
We invite Digital Poster presenters and Research-in-Progress Digital Poster presenters to submit their posters for #BEAVirtualVegas Please click here for instructions on creating your Digital Poster.  You can submit a voice over recording of your digital poster and talk about your research or include your digital poster and a video or audio file along with it.  The content you provide us will live in our online convention platform where it will be linked to the session and to your individual record.  Attendees will be free to consume your information on-demand and send questions through the platform.  Please submit your Interest Division digital poster or your Research-in-Progress digital poster by Wednesday, April 15th.

Can I add my virtual convention presentation to my CV?
We know that provosts at some schools have indicated that papers already peer-reviewed and accepted to our conference will be counted in the same way as if the paper was presented at the conference.  We hope that this policy will be universally accepted by institutions for tenure and promotion considerations going forward.

What should I do if I am a Festival of Media Arts winner?
We have all the Festival winners and links to the awards in #BEAVirtualVegas and all of our chairs produced “congratulations” messages for this year’s winners.  We plan to hold a virtual Best of ceremony sometime later this summer, and will recognize all our Best of Festival winners at BEA’s fall On-Location conference. Staff are trying to figure out the best way and to produce and mail certificates to winners.  Since BEA’s offices in Washington, DC are closed until at least May, we won’t have more details for several more weeks.  Please be patient as we wait to find out more information.

When are the Interest Division Business Meetings scheduled?
The Interest Division Business Meetings will be scheduled at noon and 4:00 pm ET on Monday, April 17 – Friday, April 24 to try and accommodate all US time zones and overseas members.  Please check on the on-line program and search by interest division or click Live Sessions to see a listing.  If you are a division chair and you would like to schedule your meeting, click here.

What size file can I upload for #BEAVirtualVegas?
When you upload files to #BEAVirtualVegas, the file goes into Amazon’s servers and transcoders. As a quick answer to many of your file size questions, we would recommend a 2 GB or smaller file in a MP4 format (Also could beH.264 or WebM).  Please reach out to us if you have any questions at JD@beaweb.org

While there is no set limit on file size, we discovered the rate of an upload error rate increases dramatically above 2 GBs. Additionally, we recommend you try to keep your file size close to or below 1 GB to ensure a smooth viewing experience for the judges, as some file formats require full download of the entry before streaming begins. The larger your file, the more buffering that may take place for the audience of your event, please take this into deep consideration before you upload your file. 45-60 min files should easily be able to fit into our guidelines with the following recommendations – Vimeo Compression Recommendations.