Congratulations to the BEA2017 Top Paper Competition Winners

Curriculum, Assessment and Administration Division
Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Gretchen Dworznik, Kent State University & Adrienne Garvey, Regent University; Are we teaching trauma? A survey of accredited journalism schools in the United States

2nd Place: Clark Greer, Liberty University; Disruptive Technologies and Academe’s Search for New Members: A Content Analysis of Electronic Media Faculty Position Announcements

Gender & Sexuality Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Chelsea Johnson, West Virginia University & Rita Colistra, West Virginia University; News Framing of Marriage for Same-sex Couples: An Examination of Broadcast and Print News Coverage Surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision to Legalize Same-sex Marriage

2nd Place: Graeme Wilson, Bowling Green State University; “Woman Inherits the Earth”: Deconstructing Jurassic Park as an Early Text in Third-Wave Feminism

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Ryan Dunham, Ohio University; Addicted to Performance: How Advertisers Masculinize and Feminize Gender-Neutral Products of an Addictive Nature


History Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Stephen Bates, University of Nevada @ Las Vegas; Deliverance from the Wasteland: Robert M. Hutchins, William Benton, and a Press Council for Television

2nd Place: James Schiffman, Georgia College & State University; Undervaluing Mutual: The FCC’s Missed Opportunity to Restructure Radio Broadcasting in the New Deal Era

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Jonathan D. Powers, Regent University; General, and then President Eisenhower’s Communication Style

2nd Place: Mary Blue, Tulane University; “Something new is being added”: The Story of WDSU


International Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Sasha Allgayer; Bowling Green State University; Evaluation of the Eurovision Jury: Are They Fulfilling Their Purpose?

2nd Place: Yicheng Zhu, University of South Carolina; The Dependence of Folk-realists on Negative Media

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Xiaoqun Zhang; University of North Texas; Assessing the Media Vsibility of China’s President Xi Jinping’s First-three Year Governance in The New York Times

2nd Place: Ting Yang, Southwest University of Political Science and Law & Sangho Seo, Konkuk University; Teenagers’ Social Media Use and Civic Engagement: Focused on Weibo in China

Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Lesley L. Corral, Syracuse University; Breaking Binge: Exploring the Effects of Bing Watching on Television Viewer Reception

2nd Place: Angela Walters, Fort Hays State University; Ron Rohlf, Fort Hays State University; Melissa Walburn, Fort Hays State University & Dmitry Guimon, Fort Hays State University; The Metamorphisis of Hyperlocal Information Services in Rural Areas

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Patricia Williamson, Central Michigan University; Trey Stohlman, Central Michigan University & Heather Polinsky, Central Michigan University; Me, My “Selfie” and I Photo Sharing as a Form of Self Disclosure on Social Media

2nd Place: Daniel M. Shafer, Baylor University; Corey Carbonara,  Baylor University & Michael Korpi,  Baylor University; Exploring Enjoyment of Cinematic Narratives in Virtual Reality: A Comparision Study


Law & Policy Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Alvin Primack, University of Pittsburgh & Kevin Johnson, California State University, Long Beach; Broadcasting Student Cyberbullying Inside the Schoolhouse Gate

2nd Place: Nune Grigoryan, Ohio University; Universal Service and Broadcasting Digitalization Process in Armenia

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Matthew Bunker, University of Alabama; Diluting Free Expression: Statutory First Amendment Proxies in Trademark Dilution Law

2nd Place: Matthew Bunker, University of Alabama; Reality Bites: The Limits of Intellectual Property Protection for Reality Television Shows


Management, Marketing & Programming Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Sumin Shin; University of Alabama & Eyun-Jung Ki, University of Alabama; Rational/Emotional Appeals in Online Videos and User Reactions: The Case of

2nd Place: Claire Joa, Bowling Green State University; Kisun Kim, Bowling Green State University & Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University; What Makes People Watch Online In-Stream Video Advertisements?

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Todd Holmes, SUNY – New Paltz; Navigating Digital Video Advertising: The Impact of Ad Position and Ad Duration

2nd Place: Mohammad Abuljadail, Bowling Green State University & Gi Woong Yun, University of Nevada; Networking Among Brands on Facebook: Analysis of Local and Global Brands in Saudi Arabia


Multicultural Studies Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Mian Asim, Zayed University; Effective Cross-Cultural Advertising in Highly Diverse Consumer Markets: A Quantitative Analysis.  

2nd Place: Graeme Wilson, Bowling Green State University; A Man Must Have A Code”: A Contrast of Black and White Masculinity in The Wire

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Julian Rodriguez, University of Texas – Arlington; Spanish-Language Media Journalists in the United States: Media Training and Work Satisfaction


News Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Yungwook Kim, Ewha Womans University & Jiyoung Lee, Syracuse University; Television News Formats and Constructing Public Sphere in Disaster: A Case Study on the Sewol Ferry Disaster

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Ginger Blackstone, Harding University; The Eyes Have It: Television News, Fear Triggers, and the Race for Viewers

2nd Place: B. William Silcock, Arizona State University & Madeleine Liseblad, Arizona State University; Beyond Cronkite’s “And that’s the way it is” – Nine Network News Anchors’ Swan Songs


Production Aesthetics and Criticism Division
Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Joe Fortunato, Arizona State University; Bombs Away? Revisiting the “Failure” of Steven Spielberg’s 1941

2nd Place: Michael C. Smith, Pepperdine University; Reverse Engineering the Rankings: Film School Rankings, Organizational Structure, and Curricula of Production Programs


Radio & Audio Media Division
Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Heidi Bolduc, University of Central Florida & Will Kinnally, University of Central Florida; Examining the Role of Social Identification with Music in Digital Music Streaming Service Use

2nd Place: Amber M.K. Smallwood, University of West Georgia; Bradford L. Yates, University of West Georgia & Winston Tripp, University of West Georgia; College Radio Takeovers and Shutdowns: An Analysis of News Coverage from 2006-2016

Research Division
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Anthony Koschmann, Eastern Michigan University & Douglas Bowman, Emory University; Simultaneous Estimation of Supply and Demand for Legal and Illegal Motion Pictures

2nd Place: Brian Calfano, University of Cincinnati & Kevin P. Swift, Methodist University; Leader Tease: The Effect of Elite Cues in News Teases on Political Information Use

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Chih-Hui Lai, National Chiao Tung University & Tang Tang, University of Akron; Curated Flows in the U.S., China, and Australia: From Information Behavior to Disaster Preparedness

2nd Place: Glenn Cummins, Texas Tech University & Travis Loof, Texas Tech University; Gaguing the Experience of Parasocial Interaction via Cognitive Resource Availability


Sports Division
Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Leigh Moscowitz, University of South Carolina; Andrew Billings, University of Alabama; Khadija Ejaz, University of South Carolina & Jane O’Boyle, University of South Carolina; The Final Hurdle in Team Sports?: Framing Jason Collins’s and Michael Sam’s Coming Out Stories in Broadcast and Online

2nd Place: Tang Tang, University of Akron & Roger Cooper, Ohio University; Predictors of Simultaneous Media Uses during the 2016 Rio Games

3rd Place (tie): Melvin Lewis, University of Alabama; Kenon Brown, University of Alabama & Andrew Billings, University of Alabama; The Social Becomes Traditional: Sport Media Consumption and the Blending of Modern Information Pathways

3rd Place (tie): Ryan Rogers, Marist College; Keith Strudler, Marist College; Avery Decker, Marist College & Anna Grazulis, Marist College; Does Augmented Reality Augment the Experience? A Qualitative Analysis of Enjoyment for Sports Spectators