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    Tenure & Promotion Information

    Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure for Electronic Media Faculty Involved in Creative Work

    The Broadcast Education Association affirms that creative work that meets established
    criteria, is reviewed by recognized peers, and is disseminated to others both within and
    outside the academy is important to the development of the field of electronic media and
    should be recognized as equal to scholarly publication in promotion and tenure review for
    faculty in the creative areas of the discipline.

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    Acceptance Rates

    2014 Acceptance Rates

    Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
    JOBEM Editor Zizi Papacharissi reports that 116 manuscripts were received from November 2013 to March 27, 2014.  Twelve were accepted during this period, representing an acceptance rate 10.34%.  From March 2013 to November 2013 JOBEM received 166 manuscripts, 21 were accepted representing a 12% acceptance rate.  More information on JOBEM…

    Journal of Radio & Audio Media
    JRAM Editor Phylis Johnson reports a 30% final acceptance rate between March 18, 2013 and March 18, 2014.  She notes that JRAM’s acceptance rate has been coming down in recent months.  More information on JRAM…

    BEA2014 Convention – Paper & Research Submissions
    BEA2014 had an overall acceptance rate of 43% for interest division paper submissions.  133 papers were submitted to 15 interest divisions with a total of 57 accepted to panel sessions and Scholar-to Scholar poster sessions.  Specifically, 24% acceptance rate to panel research/paper sessions and 19% to Scholar-to-Scholar poster sessions. BEA’s Research-in-Progress received 40 submissions this year and 25 were accepted for a 63% acceptance rate.

    Festival of Media Arts
    Thirty-three (33) faculty entries were accepted as award winners to the 2014 Festival of Media Arts. The winning authors come from a wide variety of colleges and universities in the United States.
    In an effort to model the acceptance rates of academic peer-reviewed journals, the Festival targets an acceptance rate of 20%. The comprehensive percentage of all awards across all competitions was 20.0%.  Overall acceptance rates for entries receiving our top awards (Best of Festival and Best of Competition) came in at 12%.

    Salary Survey

    Following are the recent results of our annual BEA national salary survey, conducted in the fall of each school year. Respondents encompassed all types of institutions ranging from small, private, 4-year liberal arts colleges to major public universities offering the doctorate in the field.

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