Student Documentary Competition

Best of Festival: Jaclyn Edmonson, Middle Tennessee State University; Sbocciare (Short Form Video)

Short Form Video
1st Place: Brian Favorite, San Francisco State University; Heklina

2nd Place: Kaleigh Griffin, Claudia Gallo, Lindsay Nimphius & Keri Sheheen, SUNY New Paltz; First Name: Jogger, Last Name: John

3rd Place: Will Anderson, Hannah Cohan & David Gwynn, Elon University; Solo on Snare

Excellence in Cinematography:  Scott O'Lone & Kieren Astall, Ohio University; Found

Excellence in Research: Alex Lancial, Tara Molina & Perla Farias, Arizona State University; Two Borders

Excellence in Sound Design: Jon Kasbe, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Heartbeats of Fiji

Honorary Mention: Lauren Stroz, John Breitling & Eric Cheavers, Rowan University; Slutwalk: A Mile in Her Heels

Honorary Mention: Mari Elizabeth Cleven, Northern Arizona University; Waste Water

Long Form Video
1st Place: Clint Fullen, The University of Arkansas; The Jim Lindsey Story

2nd Place: Sam Geneser, Bret Hoy, Kaitlyn Manlove & David Mudd, Missouri State University; Dither: The DIY Sound

3rd Place: Shelby Hadden, University of Alabama; Not A Statistic

Excellence in Cinematography: Joseph Ligo, Westminster College; The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer

Excellence in Editing:  Bryan Campbell & Bobbie Foster, University of Arkansas; Stuff About Stuff

Excellence in Research: Terrence Woods, Su Hong, Doris Molenaar & Anahita Namaki, University of Maryland; Between Bars

Honorary Mention: Gabrielle Bizzarro & Bailey Frasier, Arizona State University; Blisters of a Butterfly

Honorary Mention: Dee Thao, California State University Chico; Searching for Answers